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Friday, August 24, 2012

Britain's got talent (again)

That talent is coming from all parts of the world descending upon London very soon. Very soon you and I will find ourselves even more amazed by the determined spirit of  'these games'. Experiencing what they experience is not quite possible, unless we have a similar existence. But we are able to understand emotions, mental fortitude, and physical pain. So clear your mind and watch the games!!

Meanwhile, I will offer tidbits of information and photos that simply amaze. Thanks for reading ~

The London 2012 Paralympic Games are the second largest sporting event in the world, after the Olympics, and begin August 29th. Four thousand elite disabled athletes will compete in 20 sports. Many of the sports are familiar, like swimming, biking, but others — like boccia and goalball — are unique to the Paralympics.

Our host country: There will be 301 athletes competing for Paralympics GB next week; 186 men and 115 women. Seven of the athletes are under 16 while 10 are over 50.

Sitting Volleyball World Championships 2010: Britain!

Side note: The Games will mark an interesting debut for the Rwandan sitting volleyball team. It has been set up by two disabled athletes who both lost limbs fighting against each other on opposing sides of the Hutu against Tutsi war and subsequent genocide in the 1990s. Ironic!

Okay let's post ~ more another time.


  1. Hopefully this will be a major step forward for the Paralympics. Looking forward to some exciting achievements.

  2. I think so, Mike. There's strong motivation on most everyone's part to make this an enjoyable series of events.


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