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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goal tending

Oh why haven't I thrown around the total golds, silvers and bronzes of the US team? Where is that old time Yank arrogance? Come on you know... every red bloodied American wants  to beat everyone! It's not that I'm disinterested in medals; I find it meddlesome to worry about  the count. My approach has been very different.

The Olympic experience is so large, yet many countries do not attend for various reasons. Still there is no reason why we cannot cheer on the greatest athletes sent to challenge themselves. Yes, that is their greatest challenge. Only 'the rule' and 'corporate thug-bunnies' make it obscene. My goal has been to applaud every person who crosses a finish line, a balance beam,  a judo throw, a jumping horse, a vollied ball, and many, many other accomplishments.  After all I am here for the spectator's table seat. What these athlete's bring to the table is hard work  and desire. Most are grateful to qualify to attend. Should, couldn't, wouldn't I be too? I think so.

For this post I thank the host for the most fun, so far!!


  1. I think all countries like to count the medals but it's the coming together and taking part that is important. Some of the performances though have been magnificent and wonderful to watch.

  2. Quite right, Mike...'magnificent and wonderful to watch.' And thanks for hanging with us... we're almost done!

    Dixie & Alistair


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