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Monday, August 6, 2012

Full House

Though I wasn't schooled in all of the athletic skills that occurred here, I found myself amazed by the sheer determination of the competitors. And still there are continuing daily. I hope some of my blog pals got to see some of the events; it would be nice to have some inside knowledge.

Meanwhile, Alistair is heaps in love; we may never see him until the closing, if even then. The cameraman... I believe I've informed you of his taking up and off with the Brazilian Volleyball Team; we're reasonably sure it was the women's team.

And me? So many things to see... I'll let the pictures explain what I'm ignorant of.(smile).

Is it just me, or does this photo resemble a whale's mouth about to swallow the viewers? And a giant blowhole. I think I must be tired or daft. What do you see?


  1. Hi Dixie,
    And when you see lovestruck Alistair, say hello for me and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    Have you heard about 'peach' volleyball? Evidently will be in the next summer Olympics. Could get a might messy.
    The photo does remind me of a whale's mouth. Of course, if you get swallowed by a whale you must run around until you get pooped out.
    Positive wishes of Olympic proportions, your way, Gary and yep, Penny :)

  2. Hi Gary. "Peach volleyball" sounds okay, as long as it's not boring, that would be the pits.

    Speaking of pooped... this warm summer is getting to me. The poor little garden is largely ignored.

    So did you get to any of the events?

  3. I've been to see some Judo and my wife went with a friend to the Women's soccer semi-final yesterday at Wembley. She saw France v Japan but I watched USA beat Canada, the other semi. It was a sensational match!
    The atmosphere at all events is magical, I am told. We are going to some events at the Paralympics too!

  4. We couldn't get any tickets - they were issued in the UK via a lottery type system due to the demand. My son didn't get any either. Disappointing!

    The television coverage has been excellent but would have loved to have soaked up the atmosphere that you can only get at such events.

  5. The "pits"! Very good. Made me feel all fuzzy inside.
    Sadly, I haven't been able to go to any events. And speaking of Wales as in the country, I'm going there on Wednesday. Must remember which side of the road to drive on :)

  6. Bazza, I thought about you and the Judo competition; remembered you saying you had to travel at 6 a.m.!

    Wow you saw the US - Canada game live? I yelled until I was hoarse. Nay, nay, not to worry.

    I have some friends who just came back and they said London was incredible. You knew that already?!

  7. Mike, I thought it strange when NBC said so many events were sold out but spectators weren't there. Why not sell them for 75% off or give the seats away... I would have thought they'd rather have a full house at all events. Or did NBC, again, report it wrong??

  8. Gary, I know what you mean. I had to miss out on the Atlanta Games. So close but so out of reach.

    Okay, so have a whale of good time in Wales. I'm sure you'll drive well. :)

  9. The 'empty' seats were allocated to the freebie gang - sponsors and the like who didn't use them - while hundreds of thousands of us UK residents couldn't get seats (because they were distributed under a lottery system). They did sort of sort this out after a few days - the Olympic stadium for example (athletics) was full.

  10. Thanks Mike. I was surprised to find a photo of a full house. Lottery system... where or what is free enterprise? Wow, but I bet it happens a lot... drawing lots. :)


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