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Thursday, June 28, 2012

a positive thought ~

I'll be off of here for a day or two. Exterior doors need my attention... sanding, prime, and paint!


  1. Hey, can you believe it? Four in the morning in lil' ol' England and just before I go outside and tell the birds to 'flock off', I thought I would 'delight' you with a comment.
    All the best with the doors and go easy on the knobs! :)
    See ya eh,

  2. Exactly right!

    It's now 9.12 in England - and most of the birds have flocked off.

  3. Perfect image for this lovely thought.

  4. Well Gary, I don't suppose you have to cherish the early birds if they don't hold you up. Four a.m.? Makes for a long eh! eh?

  5. Well Mike, so the birds are all flocked off... what happens next, lunch?
    This is great: a play by play of the birds' day!

  6. There you go!! Bazza has introduced the play factor. Now what can of games do birds play?
    Hide and beak...

  7. It is Susan! I love big sunflowers. And thank you for not jumping on the bird wagon; I don't recall see any birds in the image!!


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