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Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting what I want by getting what I need

With illness or injury I always find myself wanting things to change faster than they do. Please help me feel better and right away. Can you relate? Patience in the face of adversity is often a tough accomplishment. ~And the rest is history for those of you reading my blog lately, concerning the injury to my shoulder and arm. I wanted healing. I needed healing. What to do?

On the verge of giving in to a lackluster continuation of the same daily thing, it was appointment time with my surgeon. He has let me remove the sling three weeks early, saying he's amazed because I'm two months ahead of his other patients. (I can also drive now, though I don't often anyway.) He stated that he didn't understand yet the bone was completely healed.

Most of you know me by now, I suppose. When you tell a doctor that prayers were effectual, sometimes that don't respond. That's okay by me. Only the Creator knows other people's hearts and what they believe... and if they even believe in a creator. My goal throughout all of this has been to get the use of my arm back. So my focus was on what the Creator thought I needed. So even though the surgeon is sending me to therapy involving the use of machinery, the Creator provided a cookout and pool party this past Sunday. It was great.


  1. I'm a purely secular sort, so can't comment on how this came to pass, but HOORAY! for you that it did.

  2. Hi Susan. When I saw the equipment the surgeon was going to use to bring strength back to my arm and shoulder it blew me away. I have Fibromyalgia and the thought of possibly overstretching a muscle or joint is very real. Once lost the use of my left hand for 8 weeks from exercise.

    The pool wasn't something I'd even considered as therapy. Lucky for me my friends kept insisting that I join them. I have double the movement today than I had yesterday.

    Thank you for the HOORAY! :)

  3. And, just for that, I'm doubling on what I said before: HOORAY! HOORAY!

  4. And THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Susan :))

  5. I believe in the power of belief. Whatever God or Intelligence we believe in will see us right. (Though I feel there is only one who/which is interpreted in many ways).

    Sometimes the difficulty is in having absolute belief.

    Another HOORAY! from me!

  6. Mike, I'm really grateful for your comment and sending me a 'hooray'.

    I share a quote with you: "Trusting an invisible God doesn't come naturally for us. A trust relationship grows by stepping out in faith and making the choice to trust.
    The ability to believe God ~ develops most often through pure experience."
    (A Quick Word with Beth Moore)


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