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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Robin Gibb


  1. And the memories of Robin Gibb are "staying alive"

  2. They really will, Gary.
    Hope you're well.

  3. His and the Bee Gees music will live on. I read that only Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks and Paul McCartney have out sold the Bee Gees. He and they must have created miles of memories for lots of people.

  4. This tribute video from older brother, Barry, touched my heart. I only wish I'd seen them in concert!
    Thanks Mike.

  5. Robin Gibb always seemed to be particularly vulnerable to me and often sang about disaster and tragedy. Somehow his early death seems to be predestined. His twin brother Maurice also died before his time.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. I agree Bazza, and just when Robin's "Titanic Requiem" musical show piece was to premier. It's good that his co-writer and son, Robin-John, will continue the showing.
    Thanks Bazza.


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