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Monday, May 28, 2012

I may not see Europe

My painting has landed in Germany! It will be there for at least two years, and then who knows where it will land next.

I have a nephew in the US Air Force. This painting was a gift to him and his wife.  They soon gave birth to a son. I was thrilled when they choose a 'nautical' theme for his bedroom. All sorts of ships sail along the walls, including mine!

The 'Tall' ships have always been my favorites. However the multi-sails and rigging require study to accurately portray in a painting. It's hard to 'fudge' (cheat). Still, watching current versions glide along the water gives me goose bumps. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge! Or the plank?

Well, I may never see Europe, but part of me is being seen over there. It's quite exciting. Now, where's my pirate hat?

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"Abandoned Boat" by Dixie


  1. Great picture and what an honour to have it hung on a little boys wall. The magic he will get from this.

    I love tall ships too. There's a small coastal village near me in Cornwall, Charlestown, which usually has one or two tall ships moored on it's quayside. I did a post with pics about them here.

    I remember on the first morning of 2000 we went down to Charlestown and it was foggy. As we stood on the harbour wall it was like stepping back in time with the tall ships in the distance.

  2. Hey Dixie,
    I always loved that painting. And what a wonderful thought to have it sent over have it adorn the room of their son.
    Seagoing wishes and a pirate hat, your way, Gary :)

  3. Thanks Mike. I enjoyed your post with the Tall ships; great photos!

  4. Ah yes, Gary, I've probably got two other posts using this same painting. Good thing you haven't tired of it.
    I'll be waiting for the pirate hat :)

  5. You know the long fine sable brushes that are known as liners or riggers? The name rigger is due to the fact that they were invented to paint the rigging on old tall-ships.
    That's a lovely painting, by the way!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. Bazza, I am very familiar with the brushes but never knew where the name originated. Interesting.
    Thank you for the compliment; coming from you, that means a lot.

  7. Dixie: Thank you for stopping by and for the follow back. I am just beginning to explore your blog and came upon this lovely painting. Isn't it interesting how art can travel for us when we cannot? But my you get a chance to follow your art to Europe one day!

  8. Susan, your blog has 'taken' to places I've never been. Thank you!

    Maybe one day I will see Europe! Until then, I'm glad to find other blog sites that give me access to the beauty of that part of the world.
    Thank you very much for visiting.


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