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Friday, December 2, 2011

more than a feeling ~

A flood of thoughts and feelings, for this season, the painting brought to me. The dynamics of the layout with the moonlit sky came forward as the first thing I noticed; then came the tree. But, oh, how the tiny streets had me backtrack to the small church with stained glass windows. The ancient angels and other divine beings might be singing in the sky, while in that church people smiled, and swayed to the tune of “Silent Night.” It's pure joy to come this far in my life and realize the things I cherished as a young child abound more so, now, than then. More than a feeling, it's an inner thing, a spirit of love, truth, guidance, that I have experienced over many times.

As a child I grew up with the babe in the manger. Every year He was continually placed in the manger; though I wondered, when would He grow up? There came a time I lost interest in the day and considered all lost and bothersome. The commercial governing of His life kept Him small. Yet somewhere within, an inner thing, a spirit of love, truth, guidance, I felt brought back. The innocence of a child, a babe, living to eventually die for me, was an astonishing revelation. I needed a God experience to instill the belief that held my heart.

I've had so many God experiences. Many times, many miracles... many moments of proof to last me a lifetime. I experienced faith and each time, presented has been more remarkable; more than a feeling.

I cling to the message: “In this life you shall have trials and tribulations, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

I'll write more soon! Thank you, and Good Christmas.

Credit: “Christmas Land” ~ Jessie Barnes, 1989 (free share photo site).


  1. Hi Dixie!
    Oh my- this is a beautiful piece of writing. My eyes are teary as I write.
    I'm so glad I stopped by here before work. I had a long day yesterday and am about to start another one (lots of activities and parent conferences). Reading this has shifted my busy mind set and has brought me a calm and sense of peace.
    He goeth before me.

    God bless you dear heart,

  2. Ps. Your photo of the birds in the previous post is the one I could have taken the other day. It was like the tree was singing there were so may birds!

  3. Hello Dixie, I'm the Manic Chef, and I finally decided to check out your blog, from David's blog. I took note of your positiveness towards David's last recent entry. I loved this entry, the writing is beautiful and does in some manner reflect how I once felt about the "Babe in the manger" never seems to grow up. I once as a child wondered, how did Jesus go from "Babe" at birth, to adulthood and death in just a few months. I couldn't get the connection. Funny how when we are children look at things. I'm joining your site, I like it, love the photos. Take care and may the Gracious Lord bless you with His eternal love! Later....

  4. First time over at your blog, a very lovely blog. Here, you captured the same thoughts and feelings as when I was child and asking those same questions. I look forward to your next post.

    God bless

  5. Bless your heart, Maria. How well I remember parent conferences. I found myself, "praying without ceasing," in order to present a child's "issue" in a positive light.

    Sending those parents home with hope affects us all... every child deserves a teacher and parents to gently encourage them.

    Thank you for your visit and generous comment. You've made my day!


  6. Maria! A singing tree...hmm... we have a singing Christmas tree choir here. Ha ha ha.

  7. Welcome to "The Manic Chef"!!

    Do you know that song called, "You Raise Me up" ? The other night I, for some unknown reason, equated it with the Babe singing it and not me. "The Babe" being lifted up; the Babe being strong while on the Father's shoulders... the Babe being more than He could be...
    Through the eyes of a child ~ I agree and hope I never lose that.

    A wonderful comment and I'll be over for a visit soon. ~And oh yes, David's a champion! Thank you.

    In peace and kindness,

  8. Hi Paul,

    I believe children know more than adults, when it comes to life. To them, an answer is not about "right and wrong" as they appear to know that. They look into our eyes for truth, protection and love.

    As I explore Christmas, in a child's eyes, I appreciate your comments! Here we go...


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