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Monday, November 14, 2011

It occupies my time~

Every morning I go to my special desk where I write articles for the blog. Sometimes I eek out a poem or two. Before you know it I'm looking around the yard, through the window, and my mind becomes occupied by the tasks I want to do. I close my notebook and head to the yard with gloves in hand. Even when it rains I want to be outside.

My blessing is 1.20 acres of land. There's room for a full size garden. There's a large forest and I've been through it; it's wonderful with every tree you can imagine. There's a gazebo where the squirrels climb on top to let me know who's the boss! From the very high pinnacle they shake their bushy tails as if to say: "We've got this covered, move along!"

I've a list that needs doing before winter and I'm working hard to get it done. Most of it is a lot of fun. Keep me in your prayers or meditations.

Thank you, Dixie


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Your place sounds beautiful, but I certainly hope you have time to write more blogs!
    Thank you for your recent kind comments, and I don't know about prayers or meditations, but I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts.
    With Very Best Wishes and Good Luck,

  2. Hi Dixie!
    This is such a lovely space*
    I know getting ready for winter can be daunting~ I will pray for you to have your strength and time multiplied!
    Blessings to you always,

  3. Hi David, you've had a powerhouse of blog resource and information! I've thoroughly enjoyed having some answers come my way!!

    I love to write~probably should take my laptop with me out in the yard. That way I don't have to transcribe it later. Then do the old 'copy and paste' and another blog will appear!

    Prayers, meditations, or holding good thoughts for others is a blessing for those you send hope to. In return I am most honored and humbled to offer you the same blessing or courtesy, if you please. You're very kind.

    In gratitude,

  4. Hi Maria.
    It's so nice of you to visit. When I have hot tea I think of you... and sip a bit slower. You're right.. it's better that way!

    Yep, lots of house, lots of yard, and most definitely, my 'thank you's' for extra strength and time. What a terrific gift!!

    I'm off to make a butter pecan cake for the neighborhood kids. They're beginning to drool :)

    Bless you, my friend... stay warm.

  5. What needs doing next?


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