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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What if...

Is it true that we are stars
come down to earth
upon our birth?

Is it true that we are dust
traveling light
with sacred plight?

Is it true that we are seeds
upon the wind
never to end?

Then make it true that we are nice
and we are fair
and that we care.

What if we cared?


  1. Beautiful picture and a nice poem that goes with it.

    My professor once said we came from star dust and so you are right to say that we came down from the stars.

    We are all part of this great big cosmos but the mystery is yet to be understood. What is the purpose of life? Why must there be something than nothing? If we are merely part of star dust how then can dust have any form of intelligent? Did it happen by accident? What is the real truth? Where can we find such truth? Is there a God?

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  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for visiting me and what a lovely commentation!

    I hope to visit your blog soon! It sounds familiar though I don't know from where or whom.

    Thank you so much,

  3. Dear Dixie,
    Your poem kind of reminds me of that song by Moby- "We are all made of stars".
    It's a nice thought, dc, and as Paul says above, is probably true. As for his other questions though, who knows? I even have trouble getting the can-opener to work!
    With Very Best Wishes, from your blogging pal,

  4. Your words offer magnificent thoughts, Dixie. Oh, how I echo the sentiments of those last few lines.
    Simply beautiful to imagine...


  5. Hi David.

    While watching an old family film at the beach I was reminded of the nights we sat out and watched the stars. No street lights back then; you do know I'm an old bird?! Oh well, we were the only 'lights' visible in the known world(to us).

    Can openers are evil, David. Be ware their the lids they expose!

    Take care, blogging pal.

  6. Hi M.

    Your Mom has often helped me to pick up the mirror; gaze at the incredible sky; make a wish on a star, and feel alive after a long nap! It is my honor that both of you continue to inspire a new perspective of what mt life can be. Thank you.

    Peace & love,

  7. Dear 'a jewel shining through',

    You're always in my thoughts. So good to hear from you. xxx:)


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