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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I do miss you

As I grew I realized my Dad had little time for me. It wasn't personal, as it was the same for my brothers. The man was simply, always gone somewhere. He was one of those people who could not stop; in constant motion as he investigated the world he lived in. There were some good moments and I hang onto those, hoping his life was what he wanted it to be. So I can only guess that the little angels wave goodbye to him every day as he's off to explore another plane.

Yes, I do miss you.


  1. Though he was often gone from your every day life as you were growing up, I'm sure thoughts of you rested within his heart, Dixie. Some people just have to stay moving to survive.
    It's their nature.

    Absence doesn't always mean you're loved less. Sometimes, it creates a little ache within you - a painful one that is always there. My mom always loved her parents, but was often rejected throughout the years. She never says much, but I know the pain is there.

    Your words reach a tender place in my heart, Dixie.

    You are loved,

  2. Dear M.,
    Thank you for your kind words. Your understanding is much appreciated and helps me heal'


  3. I think we all feel this way sometimes.I miss him too.


  4. Hi LR,
    Good to hear from you, and thanks so much. You've been a blessing to me.
    Love, Dixie

  5. Hi Desperado, and happy Father's day to you. Hope you're well.
    Peace, Dixie


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