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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pinch me?

There are those who say they will pinch me if I don't wear green clothes on March 17th. Yep, they call the day, St. Patrick's Day. I don't know about your saints but I hope my saints don't go around pinching people. But just in case I had my Mom buy a bunch of little green shirts.

Now if only the wind would stop blowing so my hair will lie down. It looks like a lion's mane. Oh, maybe that's okay, doesn't March come in like a lion and go out like a lamb?! And if so does it mean I need a white shirt for the lamb look? Pink is out as I'd rather be pinched than wear pink.

I'm hungry, so I'll write more later :))


  1. And hey, after you've had some yummy food, please write some more. I shall return when you do. Just be careful not to put any food on the keyboard. Okay? You promise?
    See ya later eh :-)

  2. Wow, what a mane. My son's hair stands up like that if it's cut too short. I promise not to pinch :) x

  3. Hi Gary. Food in the keyboard? Oh yes, I've already made that mistake! Thank you the comment and visit. :)

  4. Thank you for not pinching. And don't you think he looks like a dandelion?! :) xxx

  5. Oh what a C U T E baby!
    I just love his hair and wide open eyes!
    This is sooo funny too! Love the Little Lambie shirt idea ! ! ! Hoping Spring comes in like a lamb for sure!
    Have a wonderful Sunday Dixie!

  6. This is the most adorable picture, Dixie! He is a delightful little 'lamb' of March.:)

    Sorry it took so long to visit you. Mom has had a rough week or two. It is heartwarming to see you've added one of her quotes to your blog. Thank you, Dixie...really and truly, thank you.

    Blessings always,

  7. Hi Maria.

    This is one of my grandnephews. I've been working on his book! He looks like a lamb but what a whirlwind when he's on the move!!

    Your blog as always leaves me breathless! Thank you for being you.


  8. Hi M.

    Please convey to your Mom that I think of her daily. And in thinking of her I am reminded of the Mother-Daughter bond. So you are in my thoughts as well.

    Adam was the youngest grandnephew until two months ago. Now I have two new ones and a grandniece. We've been blessed with a whole new flock of cuteness! :)

    I'm grateful you could visit.

    Love and best wishes,


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