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Friday, March 18, 2011

a child's world

A new generation of nieces and nephews have invaded my world. They descend upon my heart like gentle doves, soft and cooing. They conquer my mind with their laughter and smiling faces. And now I prepare to enter a child's world and produce another 'masterpiece' that teaches family names and positions.

My last book was about a rocking horse for my niece, Kaitlyn. Each family member did some task to help build the horse. By the time the book was finished, Kaitlyn knew the names and positions, (aunts, uncles, cousins), of her family unit. I understand that Kaitlyn keeps her book in a special box so no one can touch it without her permission. That's quite the compliment to me. I'm so glad she likes it.

Okay, now to write something cute and meaningful for her younger brother, Adam. He's the little fella pictured in my previous blog. His Mom says he's into wheels and the color green. Here's the challenge then: finding something that the family can build for him. The object must have enough parts for everyone to have a task. If you think of an object, feel free to let me know.

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  1. Hi Dixie,
    Delighted to see a posting from you show up on my reading list :)
    A delightful posting and I'm glad to note all is well in your life. I'm so happy for you and I hope you can send some positive vibes my way. Thanks and may you and your loved ones have a most peaceful and positive weekend.
    I'm going back under the safety of my duvet.
    With respect, Gary

  2. Oh no, Gary, not 'duvet time'. However I must share that I've been searching for a new duvet for the master bedroom. Lol.
    Life is good, mostly. Thanks for asking. I'm thinking to buy my Dad's house, so there are lots of things to research. Writing this child's book is a happy distraction from repairing bricks and windows!!
    Read you were going to Canada in May; how wonderful. I hope it'll be a fun time for you. Thanks so much for visiting today.
    In kindness,

  3. Hi Dixie,
    Yes, I'm going to Vancouver in May to visit friends and family.
    I'm so pleased to know that your life is mostly good. That's what I always wanted for you :)
    Have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  4. What a cute picture :) Ladykiller, that one will be with those blue eyes.

    What about a train? Each family can build a car for it, then they can bask in the symbolism when it's connected :)

    Thanks so much for keeping up with my're a sweetie!

  5. Hi Gary.

    I hope the weather is good for your trip. Tell Heather 'hello' for me.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. L.A.,

    A train ~ what a great idea!

    I was contemplating a ferris wheel or a merry go round... but a train sounds perfect.

    I enjoy your website; gives me a large chuckle and some great time traveling tips!! Thanks for visiting :)


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