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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pictures for children

Here are some pictures your children can color.


  1. Hi Dixie,
    Thanks and I shall go get my crayons and colour (color)in the pictures. Best to print it off first, I guess.
    Have a good weekend eh :-)

  2. Yeh, Gary, best to print first. Crayons might run from the monitor's heat!

    Have some fun there. :)

  3. Your blog is delightful, Dixie! You have been busy these past few days! What a wonderful idea to offer these pictures for children to color. They would make beautiful Valentine cards - and the child would think them very special because they added their own bit of creativity to their design.

    Love this,

  4. Hi M,
    I'm enjoying the playfulness mood I find myself in. And lots of pretty things floating around during Valentines season.

    May your Valentine day be very nice.

    My gratitude and peace,


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