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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

anti valentine

Anti valentine

This is a brief message to readers from “Alistair Cookie.” He is one tiny journalistic bundle who adores the work of Alistair Cooke. Mr. Cooke, a noted British/American journalist impressed the little one on the quality of life. Now the small protégé will speak his mind on ‘anti valentine’.

“Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I forgot how to turn the computer on, hahaha. Not to worry as I have found the little red button on the power strip (electrical carousel); shhh, mums the word.

I am inundated with correspondence regarding the obnoxious commercialism of all holidays. This has led to a tired exclamation that ‘every day is a holiday.’ Call me small but I don’t think that’s a solution. I don’t want to be mailing out cards for every day of the week! Besides licking the stamps makes my tummy hurt; eyuck!

In conclusion if you’re anti valentine, it’s no problem for me. As long as anti valentine doesn’t mean you’re anti love… then all is well.

Take care, and keep that correspondence coming. You might include some choco-chip cookies for faster reply, hahahaa!”



  1. Hi Alistair Cookie!:-)
    Wow, it's really nice to see you again.
    I don't like all this commercialism that takes away from the true meaning behind holidays and special days.
    Although, I bet you would be okay with a 'chocolate chip cookie' day:-)
    I don't like the commercialism attached to Valentine's Day, for sure. But I'm sure in favour of love.
    Kind wishes and a British chocolate covered biscuit, your way. I hope that will do:-)
    Your friend, Gary and hugs from Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star" 'Arf, arf!'

  2. Sir klahanie and Mistress Penny!

    Oh wow... a chocolate chip holiday would be so easy for me. I have them most every day!! Those little keebler elves have nothing on Mom!

    Anti love is what makes it all so obnoxious. "Every kiss begins with Kay?" No, Mom says, "goodnight Al," then I get a kiss. So every kiss for me begins with A !!! eh?!

    Have a nice day Sir.

  3. Hi Alistair Cookie!
    It's nice to meet you...
    You're a really sharp guy. There's something totally freeing in not obsessing over dates on the calendar {except for April 15 here in the states- agh}

    I'm so glad you like coooookies ~ That's one ♥-shaped treat I would miss.
    Right now it's 0° and the house is making funny cracking sounds! It's a good weekend to warm up the house by baking lots and lots of cookies!
    *Nice to meet you*

  4. Lady Maria,

    Nice to meet you too.
    Oh that temperature is not condusive to my little bare feets running around! However the thought of baking cookies and 'how many?' would keep you warm... has me salivating! I can do cookies and cold.

    Have a good time baking,

  5. Hi, first time here. The little guy is so cute. Cute story.
    I love cookies too.

  6. Mistress Allie,

    It's nice that you find me cute. Mom says the same thing.

    Any friend of cookies is a friend of mine.



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