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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

going with the flow

There's no quick fix for every thing that comes and goes along my path. I use precious tme to build my mind and my body suffers. There is balance, but I have only had a glimpse of I go from one extreme to another.

In the living room, on my couch, I sat; tears in my eyes, I wanted to begin anew, but how? The phone rang and a friend explained her son was having surgery. Four years younger than me and tomorrow he faced bi-pass surgery on his heart. She called because she wanted me to pray for him.

God,(as I like to call Him) has always answered my prayers. It's not always in the manner or time that I expect, but that's okay, we have an understanding. Strange... I sat there just minutes before wondering what to pray for myself. I'm thinking I needed a different focus; was that fast or what?

If you're reading this and you use prayer: please pray for Robin.



  1. Dear dc,
    God certainly moves in mysterious ways.
    Here's to hoping that you continue to "go with the flow" and that things improve, as they seem eventually inevitably to.
    Also, if it was that I did pray, I would certainly pray for your friend. As it is, I shall, instead, just quietly wish him well. My Dad had major surgery recently at 78 years old, and has come out of it feeling like "a new man". I hope for a similar result for your friend.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  2. Hi David,

    As children, Robin and I climbed many a tree together. I don't think we'll return to that state, but hope for a good recovery.

    I appreciate your honesty and respect your privacy. In my own way I will keep you and your Father in my thoughts. ~dc

  3. I will keep your friend's son in my thoughts for you

  4. A jewel shining through, thank you!

  5. Update: Robin is doing great after a trple bypass. Up and walking in 24 hours time. Will go home in 5 days.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts for him! xxx


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