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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You are...

Grey clouds slipped under a blue sky.
I turned my face to the wind and felt your presence.
You were there and I could tell.
You are the shadow in my life.

The first time I met you a fear grasped my hand.
Would I touch you in the hour before twilight?
It wasn’t fair that I could not.
You are the shadow of my life.

Snow flakes growing large in the yard I call home.
I held out my tongue to taste their sweetness.
Warmth on my cheek beckoned an embrace.
You are the shadow of my life.

Dawn arose taking the last play of darkness.
I waved goodbye to a shape that quickly faded.
Again, joy is followed by some quiet happy tears.
You are…

The following quote is from ‘Facebook’. No author was credited; I borrowed it:

Human beings are the only species on Earth whose inner lives are so powerful that what we think about a situation, how we describe it to ourselves, what meaning we attribute to it or draw from it, matters more than the event itself. And who is doing the thinking, describing and attributing of meaning? You are.


  1. Hi Dixie,
    That is some quote you borrowed.
    Sometimes I wonder if the thoughts I process, after the event, distort my perceptions of what really transpired.
    I do try to think and be positive about the meaning I draw with my thoughts.
    Thank you.
    With respect, Gary x

  2. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for your transparency and sharing your path of remaining positive. It has been a 'light' for me to understand your "inner critic" work.
    The quote had powerful implications and considerations I'd never placed on the table. This piece I wrote, a couple of years ago, could be better shared once I found that quote.
    This is 'inner child' work for me. Ironic that sometimes the inner critic is the inner child!
    In appreciation,
    Dixie x

  3. Dear dc,
    Who is doing the thinking, describing and attributing of meaning...
    You are, dc, in this excellent, somewhat philosophical post! Well done!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. Hi David,

    I don't know about being 'philosophical,'but thank you for that.
    I have a core issue that addresses me ever so often. Yes, a message is sent from the core for me to confront(once again).
    This time I recognised it as the 'shadow' it is. In my past thinking I had given it a life of it's own. Living in the moment is much more fruitful.
    Thank you so much, David. Good wishes to you,

  5. Thank you, "A Jewel Shining Through". X:)


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