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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"Stop on this place?"
"Stop on the point?"
"Stay on the pavement?"
"See other travellers pass?"
"Sorry, only tourists please?"

What do you think?


  1. Could it be a misspelled "STOP"?


  2. "Sit On This Please"
    I remember when I was in California. They had painted road signs which stated, 'Ped Xing'. I asked my California buddies; 'What's with this 'Ped Xing'? They groaned and told me it meant; 'Pedestrian Crossing'.
    Nice one, Dixie.
    Warm wishes, Gary:-)

  3. A jewel shining through: been 'there' done that xx:)

    Jun Bullan: oh sure, sounds right; you've been missed xx:)

    klahanie/Gary: Always polite; never one to cross the line. xx :)

    Heather P: I will be scarred for life with this vision now burned in my mind xx :P

  4. Dear dc,
    Could it be that some are not welcome in this town and so should "sod off to Palookaville"?
    Just a guess!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  5. Hi David,
    No, this town will accept most dirtbags(one definition of sod.
    No Palookaville, but there's Bazooka Bill (chewing gum).
    Are we confused yet? I am.
    More than a guess, with my very best... to you.
    ~dc :)

  6. Soppy old things passing??

    Just LOl-ing at Ped Xing - trust you Gary!

  7. Hi Jaye,
    Ew, :/
    but right about Gary!


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