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Sunday, November 1, 2009

by request: Halloween on Saturday

Halloween on Saturday…this year

It’s spooky out tonight
The sky a chocolate brown
While children walk the streets
From end to end in town

A screech owl hooty hoot
Is sounding in the trees
The children ring on doors
To beg for candy: ‘please!’

More creatures in the dark
Are waiting for their chance
To scare the boys and girls
And make them wet their pants*

Ha-Happy Halloween!

*(knickers, Philip)


  1. Thanks Dixie,
    A lovely piece of prose, glad you decided to publish it.
    However, there is no need for *language!


    * (pants, Dixie)

  2. I love this. Was that an explaination for Philip or an exclamation? I quite often say "Knickers, Philip" to him. LOL X

  3. Smallandsnappy/Philip,

    Langauge...hmm..I think that's why I deleted it earlier! And I couldn't find my photo of the bloomers* hanging on the clothes line, flapping in the breeze.*

    Thanks, lol
    *(drying knickers)

  4. juliet/Julie,

    An explanation because Mr. Beaver said langauge was a bit different between countries. (There's a blog waiting.)
    I think Halloween has taken on a whole meaning for me! LOL X

  5. A jewel shinging through,
    thanks =)xx

  6. Hi Dixie,
    Noting by the comments; it seems that there is no need to get ones 'knickers in a twist'.
    You know that in North America, 'pants' can be trousers. Well, here in Britain, pants are pants as in underpants. Now, that is just 'pants'.
    In case you did not realise already, Dixie. I haven't a clue what I'm talking about. Nothing new there then, eh? lol
    Enjoy the breeze, Philip...

  7. Smallandsnappy & klahanie,

    I thought knickers were underwear. But you know what? Now I understand what 'Juliet" was saying in her comment! LOL.

    Yes indeed, enjoy the breeze.

    Thank you, Gary, for your help:)


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