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Monday, October 5, 2009

When writing comes last...

Usually I can write on any subject. Just tell me what you want to know and I’ll research the details. Lately I haven’t been interested in writing or researching. My focus has been on having fun, and meeting people to share fun moments with. Like a small return to childhood dreams; I have friends that laugh, dance, and sing.

It’s autumn and I always feel so alive. Mornings are spent out among the communities I treasure. The air has crispness, and today wet leaves cling to my shoes. I ventured to lunch with a special friend, who helped me celebrate 20 years (today), of being free of drugs and alcohol.

I’ve had to give myself permission to be okay with the times when writing comes last. This is true growth for me. It’s truly wonderful to live a ‘hands on’ life.


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Would you mind doing a blog about 'Ogopogo'? :-)
    Seriously, I think it is good to get out and experience the wonders that are all around.
    Having fun. Laughing, dancing and singing; now that is most exhilarating.
    Congratulations on a most poignant anniversary. I rejoice in your freedom.
    You have given yourself permission to enjoy many other aspects to life. That's great news, and, what the heck, writing is always there when it suits you.
    The great outdoors is beckoning me. Time to go out and experience a tranquil night, in the cold crisp air, of an English Autumn.
    With warm wishes, Gary x

  2. Hi Gary.
    Didn't you do a blog on 'Ogopogo'? Yes, I'm sure you did because I remember you saying: "Ogopogo is my friend." ;)

    Time flies. I had learned some gracious tools to send me off on a great adventure. That was 20 years ago; time to play or pack it in?

    After we spoke the other day I began to wonder; how long would I avoid living? Your thoughts on the subject of substance abuse got me to thinking. Ironic that the anniversary ocuured within a few days of that.

    Since the newest leg of my journey takes on action, I venture out and find my first love still there: people watching! But this time no standing on the sidelline, but jumping in and anticipating joy.

    You've left a most generous, gracious comment. I hope your evening was delightful!

    Warm (brrr) wishes back to you,

  3. Hi Dixie,

    This is an exciting post to read. As much as I love to read what you have to say, I love even more to hear the positiveness as you get out and enjoy.

    There will always be time for writing. I have been frantically trying to catch up so I can spend next weekend walking around my favorite city to walk around. I will have to accept by Friday that I will never be caught up and go anyway.

    Thank you for this wonderful image.


  4. I'm proud to be your friend.

  5. Dear Dixie,
    Thank God you are getting out there and living life to the full. Of course your blogging may have to take a back seat. But what would we have to write about were it not for something going on in our "real" lives. So, keep on keeping on dc, I know you can make it!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of sobriety. That's not easy, so well done!

  6. HI Dixie;
    A warm congratulations on your anniversary. Wow, what a milestone and an incredible journey. Good on you. As far as not writing goes, I believe that even when we take a break, we are still writing in our heads. Even the rich people have to take a holiday at times to refresh and that's what you are doing. I do the same. I always am like a coffee pot though. I am percolating, then when it's time to pour the cup, I write. Take care and keep on percolating. Looking forward to the next cuppa!!

  7. Hi Roger,
    You've had a couple of postings on 'getting out and about'; quite inspiring for me. Though I'm a chicken when it comes to motorcycles... "a walk around the city I love" is always great!

    There's a balance and it will come to me soon. I appreciate your time and lovely comment!

    Enjoy your trip,

  8. Dear Anonymous(LR),
    It's certainly been a road; glad you've been along.
    Love, Dix

  9. Dear David,
    Thank you!

    For some time now, many interests have been reappearing in my peripheral. Things I thought I'd 'lost' forever. I feel so much joy.

    You're right! What you might call, 'topics of interest'offer much to a blog post; such as what I read on your blog.

    I'm glad I shared my 20 year anniversary. Funny how it may seem so small a thing now... yet it is everything for me. But if you'd tried to tell me that 20 years back, I might ot have believed you!

    Take care and I'll write soon,

  10. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for following my blog and leaving a comment.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts; times choking back tears, even though you remain positive. It's a vigliant position; one I greatly admire.

    I know what you meant, but if I were rich, I'd hire someone to make you coffee every day! (smile) Maybe one day we'll share a cuppa.

    In peace and kindness, Dixie

  11. I totally understand your blog today. Words aren't always easy to find and I too hit the autumn light yesterday and got some great photos as I walked with a camera to hand. Congratulations on your sobriety anniversary...Love and best wishes, Julie xx

  12. A Jewel Shining Through...
    Hi, I'm tickled to hear from you!

    I know what you mean about 'finding words'. Funny how a crooked tree, a certain shaped cloud, or the summer's last bug.. offers up the subject of the day!!

    Can't wait to see what you photographed. Have fun, be careful, and I love you. :) xx


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