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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Welcome to the new folks who are "following".

Heather P. "soundoff"
Steve "1 of 26"

To the old-timers, thanks for hanging around.

My break is almost up. I have things ready to post.

Wherever you are following from, I do hope you are peaceful and content. Stay well. I'll write you soon.

My gratitude,

dcrelief =)


  1. No probs, "dcrelief". We all need time away every so often, for sometimes the words just don't form as you said in your previous blog. Come back when you can... In peace, Julie xx

  2. Super Duper! I'm looking forward to more of the stuff that turns the world. Hope you are well and happy.

  3. Hi Dixie,
    I would like to mention how good it is that you have some new blogger friends who are all part of this extraordinary community.
    I hope you had a peaceful, reflective time during your break from your excellent writing.
    With gratitude to you, Gary x

  4. Can't wait!!!

  5. And there I am...dangling off-center! But I'm still hanging on.(smile) Waiting for you, my friend...


  6. Hello,
    I wasn't expecting any comments to this posting! However now that I do, I feel elated and priviledged, to have such good friends who find me worthy to stop by and leave a note!

    "A jewel shining through"/Julie: 'not hopping off yet'?... hehehe. =)xx

    Heather P: We have a date with miracles' don't you forget! X

    Klahanie/Gary, I can only thank you for the constant maneuvering you do to keep us all going and sane. As opposed to 'going insane'. LOL. xx

    Anonymous/L.R.: Shh! No giving away of any secrets. LOL. XX

    Hazelmarie Elliot(Mattie): I chose the photo for you and Paige... it takes courage to climb back on the limb that we fall off of. Knowing others wait is a gift of love. XX


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