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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vitamin D for Me

This is a photo of me searching for vitamin D for me! (No, it's not. Yes, it is!) Okay it's not a photo of me. It's a photo of me traveling down the road, to the store, to buy some vitamin D for me. It's good for the mind and body. Since I have a tremendous deficiency, the traveling was a must. Ah, but vitamin D also comes from the sun. The same sun I have been avoiding, choosing to sit outside only in late afternoon, when at all.

Those of you who've been folllowing my crazy life, know I hit a dog while driving and it messed me up, mentally. A terrible story I will not get into. It left me quite traumatised and driving has been a struggle ever since. Vitamin D gave me a mission and I took great pleasure in designing a plan.

Not to totally bore you, writing about a vitamin. I also have the wonderful pleasure of sharing this photo of a nearby curve that shows the sunlight through the trees. The real 'meat and potatoes' of this blog is the travel; the willingness to get with it and hit the road. Overcoming my fear has become a moment by moment adventure.

This is my favorite time of the year, so why not celebrate it by getting out more. It's cooler during the day and there's a special quietness in this area. Almost as if the autumn landscape is cheering me with the waving of branches. (C'mon, you can do this!) Don't look now, but I think I'm going to need more zinc.


  1. Dear Dixie,
    I know you must take it easy and get back out there on the road; at pace that is comfortable for you. I understand that your trauma is quite the challenge. A challenge that you will conquer in your own time.
    An energy boosting blog. Vitamin 'D' as in vitamin 'Dixie'.
    Enjoy your peaceful walks amongst the beautiful autumn landscape.
    In peace, Gary x

  2. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face just looking at your picture. Thank you Dixie it made me smile. Bless you. Julie. XX

  3. Hi Gary,
    'Vitamin D as in Dixie'- that's funny. Thank you for your empathy.
    Peace to you, Dixie x

  4. Hi Paige,
    This is my one mile marker; a beautiful spot in the neighborhood.
    Take care, Dixie

  5. Hi Julie,
    It has that affect on me, and maybe that's why I enjoy going by there. Bless you too. :)xx

  6. I know exactly what you mean. As a SAD sufferer, i really need to give myself reasons to get out this time of year. Today I decided rather than allow my Pharmacist to collect the script from the doctor, I will take the request to the doctors, next day I will collect it and take it to the pharmacy and the next day collect it. Well thats 3 days from the 28 day cycle accounted for, and its only 180 days untill the nights are really short again! So keep finding reasons to get out

  7. Hi Smallandsnappy,
    Glad you could visit. Can't wait to vist your new blog! Will you include a nice seafood gumbo and display your boat? :)

    SAD, I imagine, is challenging. I have issues that require vitmain D, but not that particular issue. I researched, upon seeing your comment, and it is recommended for SAD too. I'm guessing you already knew this.

    Driving has been the "big one". My photography has suffered as a result. No that it's any good, but that I like to get out and 'shoot'.

    Color, I think is key. Lavender is cerbral. Yellow is good for breathing. Reds, oranges for energy. Surrounding ourselves with a colorful environment tides us over until the season of SAD passes. A friend of mine carries children's color cards. She says 'they prompt her, motivate her' into action. That's my 2 pence worth! Thank you again.
    Kind regards to you,

  8. Hi Dixie, Thanks for those ideas, I do take vitamin suppliments and rely heavily on my morning dose of "Daylight Lamp", it wakes me up. The colour cards are a great idea, I don't know if you have those low light days where you are, over here we have times when it hardly gets past dawn light, usually accompanied with grey drizzly rain until it goes dark again. I've not had any of those this Grey season, in fact the days have bee unseasonaly bright, I have however noted that the weather forcast for next week is dreadful.
    ?? what is a "Gumbo"?? some form of footwear?

  9. Smallandsnappy,
    I sympathise though I may not empathise. Fibromyalgia affects me differently than SAD. It might be a beautiful time of year, yet I feel like crap. It might be cloudy, and yucky, yet my energy level is high.?? Wishing you the best :)
    Gumbo is the name of a soup based stew. Louisana, a coastal gulf state (here) began this wonderful spicy dish. So when I saw you were doing a 'cook' blog, I wondered if you'd retain the photo of that fine ship (from a previous blog)... and add a nice seafood gumbo recipe!
    Thanks Philip; wish you well.

  10. I agree, now is one of the most beautiful times of the year, although SAD sometimes keeps me indoors on dreary days. But on the days the sun shines... :) xx

  11. A jewel shining through,
    I use to carry a red umbrella. Red draws the eye to it. People would look at my umbrella, and it would give me an opportunity to smile. Red says: "Come here."

    Any of the colours within the red, yellow, or orange realm brighten me up. Maybe a scarf, handbag, tote bag, pillow on my car seat... many things that simply give a brief visual of nature's happiest colours. (You might try green but be careful of the blue colouring. Blue repels the eye and says: "go away."
    Meanwhile wear that sunshine well. Thank you :)xx


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