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Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Day

One day “the empathetic nature”, source of all life, reached out her hand toward a large orange zinnia, on which sat a dying butterfly. Her hand stayed quite still and she waited. She waited until the butterfly was quite still, itself. The tiny majestic wings that stood up straight began to relax. To the untrained eye a slight quiver was unnoticeable. “The empathetic nature” knew, and moved her hand just under the butterfly's spindly legs. Small, precious butterfly, though very weak, took several last steps into her hand, stopping within the midst of the palm. The legs gently folded, and with wings outstretched, the butterfly released its last breath upon the wind.

“The empathetic nature” inhaled the tiny yielded breath, joining it back into her own essence, and she smiled knowingly. Another tiny soul had found the moment to come home.

“The empathetic nature stayed long enough to comfort a very sad zinnia; the one who had shared its nectar and soft petals as a bed for the ailing butterfly. “The empathetic nature” leaned down, smelling the faint scent of the zinnia, and whispered so tenderly: “when you find the moment, I will be here for you."

The zinnia stopped its tears and stood up tall, facing the sunshine. It breathed in the essence which is “the empathetic nature." A young butterfly, hungering for nectar, landed on its petals. The zinnia swayed in the wind. The young butterfly fanned its wings slowly, back and forth.

“The empathetic nature continued her movement over the face of the earth.


  1. Hi Dixie, isn't nature wonderful. And the best bit is that it's there for all of us.

  2. What a beuatiful piece of writing!
    IThankyou Dixie.
    Much love, Julie. X

  3. Smallandsnappy/Philip,
    Yes it is. I was out there today grabbing more life by the limbs, lol. Thank you.

  4. juliet/Julie,
    I'm glad you liked it.
    Love and peace, Dixie xx

  5. Dear Dixie,
    A beautiful tale about a beautiful world. Let us learn by example and truly have the 'empathetic nature' beat it the hearts of all of us.
    In peace, admiration and empathy, Gary x

  6. klahanie/Gary,
    A tale, and yet how very much akin to the human realm. An 'empathetic nature' that facilitates transition of life, loss, and death. It's a matter of trust, as we cannot force someone to accept our empathy.
    Lovely comment from you. Thank you.
    Dixie x

  7. You know I loved this, Dixie. I wanted you to know that this post moved me deeply. I can't say enough good things about this...

    Much love,

  8. Hazelmarie Elliott (Mattie):
    Your kindness is locked in my heart. I'll return it to the 'essence' when it is my moment.

    Love and joy come to you,

  9. A jewel shining through,

    Thank you.
    After four rewrites it reads as I want it to.
    Try reading it into a tape recorder. Close your eyes and play the tape. You'll 'see' that butterfly, and may even 'feel' those tiny feet touch the palm of your hand!
    Empathy is powerful. XX


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