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Monday, September 7, 2009

A taste for exploration

I’ve a taste for exploration of the things I once did, and liked. For reasons not remembered, time moved on, and I forgot to finish what I started. So now I desire to return to the sculpting world. Oh to take my hands and rub out every boo-boo, every bump that has no place in a perfect work!

“The Dying Gaul” shown above is sculpted in marble. I don’t do marble, but marveled over the photo. It seemed to go with what I had to say. Really putting my hands to the work and smoothing out each blemish… delightful. I’ll let you know how things turn out; be looking for a “Living Gaul”. Dare I have the gall?


  1. Dear Dixie,
    What are you doing with a sculpture of my body on your blog?
    Seriously, though, I don't think I've the "pecs" or the "abs" or whatever it is that that guy has.
    But good for you in going back and doing what you once enjoyed. I wish you well in your sculpting "explorations" and, of course, in your search for a "living gaul".
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  2. Dear David,
    I'll return your photo shortly; a bit of drool removal has hindered my shipping schedule.
    This is one of my favorite "pecs" and I "abs"-olutely adore the marble.
    "Gaully-gee", David, my very best wishes to you too.

  3. Dear Dixie,
    Firstly, I must say this, "David, I told you to put some clothes on man. You're making the rest of us dudes jealous!"
    Right, where was I? Oh yeah. Hi Dixie. My oh my, what a marbelous blog you have done. Here's wishing you much positive expression from any sculpting pursuits.
    Good Gaulee wishes your way, Gary:-)

  4. WOW! It's hot in here.I could do a little sculpting too.

  5. Dear Gary,
    This will not be my usual, 'snip, snip, here' routine, as I learn to 'man-handle' the clay in my creativity.
    I appreciate your's as well. Hope David cooperates!! It's a "Gaul-dern' shame when folks become jealous!
    Smooth scaling wishes your way,
    Dixie :)

  6. Anonymous,
    Hot? Marble is quite cold. That's why I prefer warming up the clay; couple of 'tosses' and it should be manipulated just right.
    Wishing you a fun time; you're driving! Dixie

  7. Hi Dixie,

    A few years of working out and a little plastic surgery and perhaps I could look like that. Heck, I'll just find a picture and pretend it's me. Less work.

    I'm happy you are returning to what you love. We are at our best when we are being creative. I await seeing the results of your clay tossing venture.


  8. Dear Roger,
    Your looks? I'm sure it can't be that bad?! Thank you for joining in the moment.

    Based on my last sculpted piece, you may not want to see the next. Time will tell.

    Peace, Dixie

  9. Dixie, you are such a multi-talented wondergaully blogger, artist and now sculptor er sculptress. love your post.

  10. Ernesto,
    I've had a good time with this blog post. I really do intend to take the class, starting the Fall.

    Thank you for playing along and leaving a comment.

    Always in peace, Dixie


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