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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aspire to Inspire

“Life is not as dramatic as your ego imagines it to be.
Aspire to inspire before you expire.”

The above quote was hanging at the bottom of an email I received. I sat back, and really thought about what it said. I have quite the ego and most often think life is dramatic. Maybe I’ve put things into lofty positions that need stepping down. My imagination is active and on-going.

Can I inspire? Some people say that I inspire them. Sometimes it feels good to hear that. Other times I know it’s a false pride that tells me I’m doing something ‘special’. I’m a human being, just like you, needing inspiration at times too. I’m not planning on expiring any time soon, though I know not my own path, until it’s walked. I do think that viewing life less dramatically will bring me certain peace.

In my nature walks I find the earth’s inspiration. Looking at the expiring Black-eyed Susans in my flower bed, I know they’ll be back next summer. They’ll inspire me, as in years’ past, to enjoy the days of summer. With their expiration, I am always reminded that autumn is on the way.

Thank you.


  1. Hi Dixie,
    An inspiring post that makes me want to continue to aspire before I expire.
    Enjoy the autumn, the crispness of winter, the rejuventation of spring and the glowing warmth of a long summer's day.
    Wishing you growing peace and contentment.
    Kind thoughts, your way, Gary x

  2. Beautiful Photo. And a great reminder.

  3. Thank you Gary,

    That was quite inspiring!
    Happy Autumn my friend.
    Yours in peace,

  4. Thank you 'morrow'.

    I'm finally down to the last three flowers; petals will soon be gone!
    Happy Autumn; in peace,

  5. Hi Dixie,

    Each of us needs to be inspired by those around us and the wonders that nature places in front of us every day.

    You have every right to feel special by the way you inspire others. There is a difference between false pride and taking in a heartfelt thanks from someone you have positively affected.

    You have certainly inspired me with your indomitable spirit and kind heart. Thank you.


  6. Dear dc,
    "Aspire to inspire before you expire." Well, I hope that my blog continues to inspire you in some way, as your kind, warm and heartfelt comments do with me.
    Wishing you peace and good health,

  7. Dear Roger,
    Thank you; I'm stunned by what you've said. Thank you.
    Happy Autumn, Dixie

  8. Dear David,
    I'm grateful when I can read any article you post. I am grateful when I can fully understand. I find your thought processes to be 'genius' level. From within your article, I see the outline that guided your hand.

    Most importantly, I have learned that I can regain some intellectual power. Fibromyalgia is not an 'end all' situation. Your articles have been an excellent stimulus.

    Thank you for reading this simple blog.

    Happy Autumn,

  9. Dear Dixie,
    Just felt I had to comment once again for your so kind remarks.
    I don't think I'm a genius, but if I were I'd probably qualify for Gore Vidal's remark about Andy Warhol, who said of the famous artist that he was "a genius with the IQ of a moron". Which kind of makes a bizarre kind of sense when you think about it.
    Anyway, I'm so glad that you now see your fibromyaglia as not an "end all" situation, and if my blogs help, I am only too pleased
    to oblige.
    Yours with All the Best,

  10. Thanks Dixie for the inspiration. It reminded me of some years back when I prayed to God not to allow me to expire without inspiring others. Although I don't pray that way anymore, I still have that desire to inspire others by the way I live.

  11. Dear David,
    I like your remark about Vidal and Warhol. I sit here shaking my head, back and forth, in disbelief. I see an ironic comparison. If you ever read a comment from me that says: "I got lost around paragraph three, I'll be back," you'll understand!
    Thanks and happy Autumn, again.

  12. Jun Bullan,
    If there is one thing that I have gleaned from your writings, it is: a life is best lived by faith, through word and deed. From the people you meet and share about, to the places you travel, while photographing the beauty to bring back to your readers... all is inspiring. I am thankful for you.
    Happy Autumn,


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