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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I don't do viruses well

You’re computer has been infected; download this software to eliminate it now!
Counting… 436 infections, 437, 438,….!

It was ghastly! What was I thinking when I clicked the “yes” button? Well, I didn’t think the software WAS the virus!!!

Sure, please protect me! Send messages to all of my online friends, announcing my delay in posting something… for the day.

Be sure and delete recent posts in case I might infect a new friend. Never mind that I didn’t get the virus from my blog… (Only later did it dawn on me where the little critter came from.)

Beware of software that pretends to be a virus. Yes, it pretends to be the very thing it wants to protect you from… and now it’s gone. I killed it before it could kill me; vicious, stubborn critter.

Here I am, after the big bug battle. I always seem to panic; can you tell? I don't do viruses well.


  1. how did you get this picture of me ? I thought I hide my other side so well.
    So glad you are up and running again.

  2. L.R., this pic is exactly how I felt at the end of so many hours!
    What's that you say? Is this the one you want the portrait of? I thought you wanted the high school pic? LOL.

  3. Nice hairstyle! Glad you got the virus thingy sorted:-)

  4. Klahanie,
    A hair-raising experience, I promise you that! ~but it's past and my only worry is painting a portrait of it for our friend, L.R.?
    Do you really like my 'do'? lol.

  5. A. said he wants the high school one. He sees this one everyday.LOL.

  6. omg, tell him okay!


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