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Friday, July 3, 2009

Far East Meets Far West

Photo 1-2: Sarawak, Malaysia
Photo 3: Charlotte, North Carolina
Oh to be on that river of beauty, instead of the ribbon of concrete!

Somewhere along the beauty of the Sarawak River lives my newest friend. We live twelve hours apart! Life and how we live it for ourselves is the main topic. Isn’t it always? I hope so.

For now, she and I are content to contact each other through ‘Facebook”; a marvelous vehicle for bringing peoples together. Thank you, S.Y., for accepting my hand stretched out in friendship. (hai)


  1. Desperado,
    Always a pleasure!
    If indeed there is a force that would shut down the internet... it would be in order to keep people from connecting and finding a way to peace. Hmmm... if only...?
    The last free frontier?
    In peace, Dixie

  2. I could sail here. Very peaceful.

  3. Hi L.
    Me too.
    Painfully when my computer went down I lost the new follower and the friend too. What happened? Someone please enlighten me!
    If not I'll be sailing with L.R.


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