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Monday, May 4, 2009

A smile of encouragement...

A smile of encouragement
at the right moment may act like
sunlight on a closed up flower;
it may be the turning point for a struggling life.

In my ongoing process to learn about life through me, I find that smiles really do help. Lately I wonder if I should carry a small mirror. When I take myself too seriously I can "have a look, have a smile," and keep going. [;)


  1. Hello

    How are you??

    ive missed you and your blog! my internet at home isnt working, im using a friends laptop for the moment and how i have missed reading ur blogs!

    Anyway i must go, hope things continue to go well for you

    take care x

    P.s a smile from me to you, i hope i sent it at the right time :)

  2. MM&I:
    Hello back! Your current post is so inspiring. Yet, I have surely wondered where you were in the travel to 'greatness'? I wait to hear what adventure you found outside of the working internet!

    No smile is too soon or too late. Every smile is a blessing all its own! Thank you for yours.

    Be well my 'great' friend x

  3. They say the world always looks better from behind a smile, Dixie. I agree wholeheartedly!(smile)

    I really, really liked reading this today. Your words bring light and warmth...I love it!

    Keep smiling, my friend,

  4. Dear Mattie,
    You make me smile. You and that wonderful ostrich; then you were crooning with Frankie. Before I realised it, I was smiling quite a bit!

    I am glad you liked it.
    Adieu you,

  5. What beautiful images. Found this through Roger's blog. Love the peace and tranquility nurtured in words and images.

  6. Dr. Covert,
    Thank you, and I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Come again.
    Later in the week I'll visit your website which also features: peace, tranquility and nurturing!
    Sending you smiles, Dixie

  7. Hi Dixie,
    I do find that smiling and acts of kindness help me in my daily life. Some folks I meet may have been having a bad day. However, when I smile at them and seem to cheer them up; I believe that not only do they feel better but I feel better. In fact, I smile inside:-)

  8. Hi Gary,
    I am so glad that you write. Your latest, "A Passion For Life" sent me homeward, smiling and whistling.

    As your inner smile continues to touch the surface, we are more blessed by your presence.
    Thank you. Dixie <:)

  9. Love your smile poem and the suggestion of caring a mirror where ever we go just in case we need to peek or refresh are look.

    Smiles are so important...they can make or break the day. I want to share my smile. Thanks again.

  10. Hi Sandy22,
    Thank you so much for sharing! Your kindness and visit is greatly appreciated. In peace, Dixie


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