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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gooeyduck hunting: sea food commercial

Gooeyduck digging: dig it!

Gooeyduck or Elephant Trunk Clam?

Pick a word, any word:

No matter how you spell the name, all are pronounced with a beginning prefix of gooey. They are clams! Very large clams. They range in shell size from 7"-9" inches; that's a lot of gooey for the hooey. The siphon or long trunk-like object can be 1-3 feet long. They taste like scallops, often much better. They can be eaten raw or cooked.

They are very expensive, which means a lot of molooey to buy the gooey; oh phooey!Gweduck is a native word meaning to "dig deep". So dig deep in your pockets to pay for this delightful gweduck!

They are found in Japan, British Columbia, Canada, and Northwestern U.S..

In Japan they are called, "Elephant Trunk Clams."

(I seem to have a thing for ducks.)


  1. Hello dc,
    Sorry I did not respond earlier. Didn't mean to clam up. As you know, I have been rather busy. And, before you ask, I have not been hunting for good ol' gooeyducks.
    In regards to tasting them; well yuck, yuck, gooeyduck. I mean just looking at one, which I have, was enough to make me say; "ah thanks but no thanks!" I wouldn't dare say what the second picture looks like because I'm a gentleman?
    Right then 'gooeydude' has left the beach..:-)

  2. Klahanie, thank you for your wit. It is always good to have you visit, lateness is not an issue.
    Kind regards, dc.


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