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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Plan

I began this quest of “orderliness” because I needed some way to help me work consistently, not perfectly, but consistently, so I would not wear myself out. I have a dream and for once I would use my daydreaming in detail for planning.

So I envisioned my dream and saw some goals I needed to complete it. Now it was time to write down those goals. Then it occurred to me, how many times do I get “right here” and stop. What was that about? What caused me to stop? Wisdom from one of the books on my desk, spoke loudly:

“To put feet to you goals and start moving ahead, you must realize that reaching your goals requires behavior change. Have you thought about the behaviors that get in the way of your dreams or about the habits you must initiate to get where you want to go? It’s time to evaluate them, decide how to deal with them and move forward.”

Out popped “The Plan” as I call it: STOP, START, CONTINUE. You take a sheet of paper and make three columns; labeling them Stop, Start, Continue.

In the first column, write three habits you want to stop because they are hindering your journey toward your dream. (Stop watching late night TV if it’s zapping my energy level I need for the next day. Stop being president of the moose lodge because I already work for two organizations, and have no time for the kids.)

Under heading number two, list habits you intend to start. (Do a load of laundry every night. Rise a half hour earlier to write. Increase savings deposits by 3%.) The point here is to at “upgrade” if you cannot totally change things at once.

Column three are the behaviors you want to continue. They are useful and successful. For this to work you need at least three items or more, added to each column. Writing your planned behaviors and reviewing the written goals daily will dramatically increase your chances of sticking to them.

This is what I’m doing.


  1. Hello dear...So here I am. Ha ha ha. I enjoyed teading this post because it related to what happened to me in these couple of weeks. I have been to a sort of retreat, or as you would say a kind of 'stopping' to regain my "sanity". You see I have this habit of 'start and stop' and never continue. That is why many of my friends would call me jack of all trades and master of none. There is this seminar that I want to attend just in case it will push through. It is entitled "Self-transformation" and it seems it is
    just like doing what you have just described. Thanks a lot. I might just try "The Plan".

  2. ah sorry that 'teading' should have been 'reading'.

  3. Dear Jun Bullan,
    Self transformation! Yes, it really does begin with the self; looking at the behaviors that keep us from enjoying our life.

    We truly need to know, so we can continue doing the things that give us peace for ourselves, moving outward to others.

    I want to thank you for taking time away from your retreat to share. Kind regards, Dixie

  4. Goals, dreams, aspirations, plans. I firmly believe that to write down what we want to achieve, helps us focus on accomplishing what we need to do to make our lives that little bit better.
    You know I am here cheering you on. Dare to believe that you can make plans a reality.
    Warm regards, Gary.

  5. Hi Gary,
    I agree with what you're saying. I look at this past week's progress and know the plan is already moving me forward.
    Speaking of goals and dreams; I like your blog, "Farsebook." Thanks for cheering!
    Peace to you.


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