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Monday, May 11, 2009

Inner Child: living in the moment

She often walks right by my side
In rain we run for cover
It’s from the world that we would hide
And not seen by another

Times of past and times to be
Are different now for us
We’ve found the clue to set us free
Departing illusions’ fuss

A gentle breeze, the birds appear
My inner child sings loudly
We keep our smile in present here
And do so rather proudly

The moment lived dissolves past thoughts
And keeps the future away
Enjoying every moment sought
Gives hope to last the day


  1. It speaks volumes, as 'they' say.

  2. An astonishing image Dixie, did you make it, or where did it come from?

  3. corfubob,
    On Yahoo search, I looked for "inner child" images and 54 pages of free images came up.

    You have a nice blog or two yourself. I read three postings; I'll be back there again soon.

    Take good care and visit again.

  4. Hi Dixie,
    Thanks for sharing this lovely poem. Your inner child sings loudly, singing sweet songs of innocence and wonder.
    The inner child tells us to never lose that inquisitive nature that lies within us all.
    Hope and warmth your way, Gary x

  5. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for such lovely comments.
    I've been researching "Quantum Physics" and felt the urge to post some thoughts. Glad you enjoyed them; hope your garden is growing nicely.
    From my inner child to yours! Dixie x

  6. Lovely poem Dixie,

    It is amazing how powerful our connection with our inner child is regardless of how we think we have lost touch with this part of us.

    Thank you for reminding me!


  7. Dear Roger,

    You are one, of a few, who've helped me seek and secure this integration!

    In peace,

  8. What a wonderful poem, Dixie! You are creatively artistic in so many ways.(smile)

    Your words and image display the inner child so well. I love the passage,

    'A gentle breeze, the birds appear
    My inner child sings loudly...'

    That inner child will always live within you...may both of you shine brightly!(smile)

    Beautiful work,

  9. Dear Mattie,

    Thank you.

    Not to take from your remarks or the post, but I visited a time when I was five years old to create the poem. I saw that inner child really singing among her own special tree grove. Life was so pure and simple.

    ...and I was really loud! :)
    Bless you Mattie.

  10. Hi Jolie,
    Thank you; it's nice to meet you. I'll come over for a blog visit soon.
    Most sincerely,


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