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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The little icon will not get up and shake! I don't know how to fix him! lol.


  1. Dear dc,
    Just felt compelled to write a comment on a blog entitled "mad". I do this because at some stage in my life this is how people would have described me.
    A bit like Lord Byron but without the smouldering good looks, "mad, bad and dangerous to know" was how he was once described.
    If only I could live up to that!
    Yours with Warmest Wishes,

  2. Hi David,
    We're always available for compelled comments. Mad is one of our most treasured venues of... um, life.
    I read a short biograhy on Lord Byron. Selfishly, I would not want you to live as his struggles presented.
    Smoldering wishes!

  3. I found the floor and can't get up.haha!

  4. Anon~ you're so bad.
    In my madness, I can do 'smoldering floors."


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