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Monday, May 18, 2009

I forgot about NASCAR...

I planned a sweet little sabbatical in the middle of race week.
Forgot the noise, the fumes, loud cars
100,000 screaming fans!
Off hours they run time trials, and cutesy little races.
Corvette shows………
Lots of dusty rides
Cleaned up hotrods
Motorcycles in every color
Beer on ice when not flowing
Food, food, food
Camper trailers, RV’s, tents and old camper-top trucks
But most definitely…. Not me!


  1. Hi Dixie,
    That photo looks like something out of the Waltons. Where the heck is John boy?
    At least I know when 'race week' is over; you can hopefully go on your "sweet little sabbatical".
    Still, I can imagine you driving around in a 56 T'bird convertible...:-)

  2. Hi Gary,
    I took a photograph of a poster hanging on the wall; some store up Pennsylvania way.
    Wow. '56 T'bird was the first model car I ever put together. The glue sent me on a sabbatical at that time! /:/

  3. sabattical in the middle of the race week?
    was it fun?

  4. Hi Desperado!
    No I didn't go.
    It would have so-bad-i-cal if I had gone!
    I couldn't have stood-it-at all.
    Good to see you.


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