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Sunday, April 12, 2009

In regal beauty... the red Gerber bathes

An awe-inspiring flower did touch my heart one day
And though its beauty yielded radiance, I had no words to say.
I watched the petals form and fan in no short span of time.
While gradually I felt its power that swayed this regal rhyme.

A sprinkling of the rain fell softly and hung.
Round beads as golden glass on the petals they clung.
My eyes filled with wonder and small human tears.
This beauty before me was tender and dear.

A bath from on high caused the glistening and shine.
It prompted my memory to also be thine.
Put all of my trust in the lord of the lathe.
And seek my own duty… as the red Gerber… bathes.


  1. Dixie, this is simply stunning. You have been taking lessons from Brenda!(smile) Seriously, though, your picture is beautiful. I can clearly see those little drops of rain...and your words are the perfect complement to the image. Very beautifully done...

    p.s. I knew it was you in that bunny suit!(smile)

  2. Dear Mattie,
    I am stunned by your remarks; thank you for your kindness.
    I actually wrote this last spring, right before I experienced a physical collapse. I wish I'd known Brenda might have had better rhythum. (lol)
    Thank you again. Dixie

  3. Dear Dixie,
    Thank you for sharing this poem. The fragile beauty of a flower and the poignant reminders that within our small human tears is the power of cleansing our fragile souls.

  4. Klahanie,
    Thank you; your warm and kind analysis is very true.
    I appreciate your empathy.


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