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Thursday, January 1, 2009


“The idea is to admit and accept that you're experiencing mental distress and that something needs to change. It is better to try and focus on solutions rather than letting the problem(s) overwhelm us.”

The above quote is from the Changes 12 step Program of England. I looked at that quote and realized the hundreds of times I have tripped over the words and actually preformed the action in reverse. Did it work in reverse? No, because I sat in the problem. By not looking for a solution I kept traveling in a circle. What made me stop? I got tired of having some pain one afternoon.

I had no control over my emotional pain. Like the bunny with the batteries, I just kept going, and going, and going. The batteries ran down in an exhaustive heap and I cried the rest of the week. Big sobs, crocodile tears, I was really incredibly sad. Then I remembered that, “there could be a solution.” Imagine that, a whole week went by before I remembered to look for a solution. I knew one thing. I didn’t want to sit in my problem, that long, or ever again.

My life is a bit different today. My gratitude speaks when I share what I’ve learned from others with others. For every problem there’s a solution.


  1. Glad that you're getting some clarity. I don't believe the Changes 12 steps are a linear, ladder-like progression. I do think it can be a wavy line with certain steps coming to the fore at different times, but I'm happy to work with you, wherever our steps take us :) xx

  2. easier said than done,eh,you do have to be at a certain point in your life,before you can utilisethese techniques,as usual,dc relief,so insighful,so true ,it is an ongoing process,and you have captured its essence beautifully[love the photo]

  3. a jewel shining through:["..I'm happy to work with you, wherever our steps take us :) xx"]
    You've said it better than I could. Thanks for that. :}

  4. Dear Anonymous: Quite right and well said, yourself.
    Thanks for helping me remember on days when the brain is on vacation! :/
    Thanks for your help friend.

  5. Oh my anonymous friend, the photo is "Jabba the Frog". He is often a guest speaker on my blog. Straight to the point Jabba, can lick a fly out of the air from 40 paces!

  6. And yet, I am still tripping over the words. If anything the definition is becoming clearer; I just want to get on with solving my problem. I don't want to hurt anyone else. dc.


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