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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving the Bugaboos

In my life there have times when despair seemed to be my middle name. Crazy ideas hung out in my left ear, twisted ones lived in my right ear; bugaboos moved in everywhere and I was depressed, down trodden, and feeling yucky.

The stuff had lived for so long in my head; they were now taking over my heart. What could I do to make them stop bothering me? I sat and listened to my personal resources. Those happy things I like to do to keep me from dwelling on sad and ugly stuff. (Like writing, painting, drawing, photographing, and playing on my computer.) I also typed to friends in a certain portal that offers some mental health coping skills.

Then one day I listened as a resource friend talked about her project that keeps happy events at hand. It gives her comfort and helps change her attitude. I could do something like that, I thought. A “happy box” or whatever it was. Only I was going to do a sad and ugly file on my computer. Slowly and carefully I would begin to remove every negative emotion that gave me a problem. I would stay positive by giving all the thoughts a nice-looking home.

So I found this photo that I’d had for a long time. I know it’s the imaginary play land of “Harry Potter”. No problem, this was my choice to send the old bad bugaboos to. So now I have a computer file I call “Hogwarts” and it even has sub-folders inside.
Really bad stuff goes to where the snake lived. Partly scary goes to Prof. Snape. Happy, but obsessive stuff goes to those crazy doors and stairways. That’s it. They all live in there as soon as I find one in my head! Nobody has been banished to the woods but you never know; it could happen. Muhuhahaha.

(dedicated to: d.s.)


  1. thank you dc relief,your wonderfulideas are priceless to me,and i feelso lucky to have true friends like you ,bless you.

  2. Julie,
    You never fail to keep me inspired. It was one of yours that came to my mind.
    Happy new year, new friend. dc xx

  3. Yet through all your trials and tribulations, dear lady, you have been there for other folks. You have displayed such selfless altruism. The comments regarding this blog are testimony to how much your kindness has meant. You are very much an important link in this empathetic community. I know the person you have dedicated this blog too, 'd.s' is truly touched by your good nature.
    You may not know this but the 'Bugaboos' is a very beautiful mountain range in Southeastern British Columbia. Oh for you to see those wonderful Bugaboos:-)
    Thank you for this blog and for being my friend. Warm wishes klahanie aka Gary.

  4. Klahanie,
    How ironic that d.s. and I came up with a name, "Bugaboos" which represents something good. I hope you had a chance to tell him that; I haven't spoken to him yet.
    Thank you for your kind words; I'd feel so lost without the Changes people I've met; and yet you three are teaching me how to really live in happiness for the first time in a long time.
    My gratitude speaks when I share what I know with others. Peace and love, Dixie

  5. To my new friend, "d.s."
    We have some similar stuff going on, who better to talk to than an invisible person? muhuhahaha!
    Such kind words and yet it has been you d.s. that gave me insight to write this piece.
    I chose the photo of the "Hogwarts's students" because it is associated with msytery that excites and inspires. They are taught to challenge their fears! Sound familiar?
    Be well. See you in the portal! dc.

  6. Hi dcrelief,
    I have told "d.s" that the 'Bugaboos' is a mountain range of great inspiration, in Beautiful British Columbia. (B.C Tourist can pay me for promoting your fantastic Province...then again..maybe not)

  7. Klahanie:
    Better than that. Load the bus and we'll all take the tour.
    To "d.s." it's good to have your friendship too. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Sending you healing thoughts. dc.


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