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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a seasonal thank you

A seasonal thank you to the writers or blogs that contributed to my success this year.

The WordPress group of Dellis/Mohandas/Lighque: A Citizen’s Tools, Graymarq, Omegetymon, Ravenscawl, Saffron Sights, Thnq, VinYettes, YO’Pinion Therapgraphics Arts.
The Blogspot* and Zimbio groups

A Day in the Life: Dave’s Progress

A jewel shining through: Julie

A Moody Mind: Matt

Arch-ing, DCRELIEF, Fort Knox is Empty: dcrelief

Blue Duck Copy

Dispatches from the Jazz Unit; Not another headache: LoverofJazz

KLAHANIE, Mental Health Matters: Klahanie

Me & My DoDo, THREIO: Threio

Paige Mann


Tone the Blueshawk: Tony

Wait Tila Commercial: Veronda


Thank you for you inspiration and help. I wish you all much success in 2009!


  1. Dear dcrelief,
    Thankyou for mentioning me in your list of blogs. You, too, have been an inspiration.
    Hope you continue to write, both for yourself and for others to enjoy.
    Have a great Christams and New Year,

  2. Greetings dcrelief,
    A warm thank you to you for being an integral part of our empathetic community. It has been a great pleasure doing those collaboration blogs.
    Please stay focused on a positive Christmas. I hope that 2009 is a peaceful, positive time for you.
    In peace, klahanie.

  3. Hey David,
    You're certainly welcome. I do enjoy writing and am glad you find something of value.
    Christmas was nice, taxing but nice. I'm looking forward to New Year's though.
    Wishing you empathy, dc

  4. Hi Klahanie,
    You write well and have knowledge and experience to back up your work. Your writing can reach thousands in the goals you expound and the charities you support. You have been "the meat and potatoes" of all collaboration blogs! I am so proud to know you.
    Christmas was peaceful; 2009 is not here yet. I still have time to learn stuff. lol.
    My very best to you, dc

  5. loj: Received your message; kind thoughts your way. dc.


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