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Monday, December 1, 2008

Heart of Time ~ a collaborative blog

Heart of Time: part one written by dcrelief

In this world where time is considered a commodity for chores, attending events, and working incessantly, I’m concerned that too few consider that the “inner being” needs our time first. The “heart of time” no longer runs our life for happiness, but makes as its goal ‘other world-centered agendas’. Yes, there are some very worthy causes to support, yet when did it become necessary to overlook our health to make sure the world gets its? Do we really want to run on, to and fro, not stopping to contemplate why we’re sad at the end of the day? Where is the block of time wherein the heart sings to us? After searching I came across a few who are taking care of themselves. In their healing and on-going recovery, from mental distress, their “heart of time” has let them know they possess gifts to pass on. In this collaborative blog, I share with you, my co-blog writer: “Klahanie, a man challenging his inner critic”; indeed his own heart of time. Enjoy.

Heart of time: part two written by Klahanie

Life is about priorities. We can get so wrapped up in material and day-to-day 'priorities', that we can forget the most important priority of all: Our emotional priority, our mental health wellbeing. So we put it off to one side. We choose to ignore the 'warning signs' that try to let us know, that something is wrong in our lives. No, instead we stress ourselves out; after all, we have to compete in the 'rat race'.
We can dismiss the warning signs that will unbalance our mental health stability. We can ignore our lingering concerns because our material, our day-to-day priorities take precedent. We do so at a cost that goes beyond any financial value. It is time for us to slow down, forget that driving force that tells you: 'I've gotta' keep up with the Jones's'. Your health, both physical and mental, is vastly more important than this bizarre competition that impels us to ignore the 'song in our hearts'.
Dcrelief knows the value of taking care of herself. She has witnessed others' who understand this same ideal. I do the best I can, the nagging ache of my mental health concerns will, never again, be 'filed under forgotten'. Now, I ask you to kindly think about yourself, take time out to cherish the wonders of the world you may have been too busy to notice. Now is your chance to be kind to yourself and pass that kindness on.

Note: Read more from Klahanie:


  1. D.C & Klahanie

    Thank you for the kindness.
    I will sit back and think of myself today.(and both of you)
    I'll make sure to be nice to everyone I pass today.
    Hope you both have a wonderful day and someone is nice to you!

    Keep up the nice work.

  2. Oh L.R.:
    How often your smile and kindness to me has kept me moving, past the worldly stuff, into the realm of love. Thank you for your joyous remarks. Your friend,in peace, dc

  3. Dear dcrelief and klahaie,

    Glad to see that again you have decided to write a collaborative blog and I fully agree with the sentiments contained therein.
    The world can begin to seem insignificant in the face of our own personal problems, when they happen and, of course, as I once wrote in one of my own blogs, the constant rat race can be a very big part of the problem.
    So I think I'll take your advice, go pour myself a big drink and consider me for a change. Thanks, I feel better already!

    Yours With Warmest Wishes,

  4. Hi David: If you're having hot coca, fix me a cup and I'll be right over.
    As Klahanie would say: "Help ourself, we help others."
    Glad you enjoyed the blog, in peace, dc

  5. Dear L.R., David, and my collaboration partner dcrelief.
    I want to say special thanks to all of you for your ongoing kindness. I send you back warm, caring thoughts. A cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows would be very nice :-)

  6. Klahanie,
    The marshmallows are enroute. Thank you so much for writing with me again. It is always a wonderful experience. You and your goals are greatly appreciated and respected. In peace and love, dcrelief

  7. Dear dcrelief,

    Thanks again for the opportunity to write with you.
    Ah marshmallows. Miniature, white have now given me the chance to make my secret turkey dressing the way it should be made. You have my heartfelt gratitude. Funny, whenever I think of marshmallows; I think of 'Ghostbusters'. Who ya gonna' call?.....


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