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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Night Fishing

I knocked on the door of a kindly old fellow
And asked him the way to Deerfield Park
He smiled rather slowly and answered,
“Lady you’ll get lost out in the dark.”

Funny but the sun was sinking fast now
As I looked around I could barely see
He nodded the white-haired head slowly,
“Lady, do you see that tree?”

A low hanging limb reached the ground
Where rows of colored roots crossed the land
He turned and walked off without a sound
“Lady, take you time, the scene is grand.”

So I walked to the tree in a gentle wind
Night birds sang out in searching lark
A chillness in my shoulders and thought I heard
“Lady you’ll get lost out in the dark.”

I knocked on the door of a kindly old fellow
Got lost while camping at Deerfield Park
With a hot cup of coffee the evening mellowed
“Lady can you stay for just one night?”

I watched as the full moon climbed across the sky
Illuminating every tree in sight
Night birds picked a path on which to fly
“Lady grab the net, I got a bite.”


  1. Hi dcrelief,

    My oh my, you have such aa wide range of poetic styles.
    I suddenly found myself wandering around Deerfield Park. Quite something really, 'cause I don't know where the heck it is. Just shows how my mind's 'eye' can be there, thanks to your descriptive flair.

  2. Actually I was looking at photos from Leek. There was a description of a field, a nearby park, and "oh, look at the deer, how gorgeous" I thought. lol.


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