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Friday, September 12, 2008

The little empire that could...

This ~ from an article about a medical center being bombed, but the police station across the street was protected by concrete barriers!

[In Kufa, al-Sadr supporters carried banners, including one that said: "We won't accept Iraq being an American colony!" Another said: "The suspicious agreement means the permanent occupation of Iraq."]

Maybe we’ve forgotten our own history, or have we ever heard it? America fought hard to secure her freedom from being a colony from England. We continue to make our ‘ancestors’ mis-takes?! When will we be done “taking people” from their environments or blowing them up where they stand?

What does the government want that overrides the wishes of another sovereign country? And what rule justified the Germans of yesteryear and don’t we get tired of hearing that tale? And yet here we are at crossroad, possibly in the crosshairs of somebody else who can eat us for breakfast.

Nothing to take away from the World Trade Center fiasco, but that was supposed to be a “message” according to the admin. Remember? They had fifty warnings and still let it happen.

So what do you want for breakfast? Do you like sushi? Or maybe a bit of the old world charms cuisine? You need to think this through some more. We’ve practically stocked the entire world with enough weapons to blow us up! Wait for it. What’s that you hear? That is a pre-emptive strike that we think is ‘our policy only’: do we have sole rights? Who knows; maybe that’s the end-intention of the ‘admin that is.’ Secret agreements: wait until you hear about the new embassy in Iran?

We are finally as ignorant as we are arrogant.

If you disagree it won’t be the first time. Think Hiroshima. Japan agreed to peace but we bombed them two days later anyway. Where are we now? We’re making deals with one of the ‘axis of evil.’ Yesterday is such a fleeting moment… the war on terrorism must go on even if we have to cut a deal with an evil neighbor.

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