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Sunday, September 7, 2008

It was a dark and lonely night...

It was a dark and lonely night, not unlike any other except I bought a bag of cheetos to munch on and distract me as I walked home in the dark and lonely night.

Off in the distance the sound of an animal growling and scratching against something that sounded like wood; ah, Scruffy, the giant poodle was still awake and sensed my approach to his master’s humble abode.

The sky was so, so, so gosh darn scary looking and it didn’t help that I stepped into a hole and was now staring up into the trees. Snarling, tree limbs… no that was Scruffy snarling; I really needed to get my cheetos home. I was grateful he was in for the night as he would have chased me for those yummy cheetos. He also likes the crunch.

The wind crossed my neck and the hairs stood up. No, really there were a couple of rabbits on the sidewalk and they stood as I passed by. I disarmed them by tossing a few cheetos. With those teeth there was some serious crunching going on.

Ah I finally arrived at my building, my humble dwelling on the fourth floor, but there were no lights on. Hmm, had the power gone off? Had Mrs. Farley forgotten to pay the bill again? Of course the elevator would be out too. I started up the stairwell and suddenly a scream: “SURPRISE!”

As fourteen flashlights blinded me I tossed cheetos everywhere. The poor dear from second floor replied: “I didn’t know we were supposed to bring snacks?” Almost every one in the building was in the stairwell waiting for Mr. Heely to arrive and celebrate his 63rd birthday.

I hacked up the mouth of cheetos that threatened to choke me and said, “Friends, his birthday is Tuesday and if you surprise him the way you surprised me, it will be his last one!”

(Next Tuesday? Next? Tuesday next? Next Tuesday… that’s in two days.)

It was a dark and lonely night, not unlike any other except I bought a bag of cheetos to munch on…

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