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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday's The Phil Review: a hare raising moment

Leaves a-blowing in the wind
I take my feet out for a spin.

Here I sit out in the grass
Fall is near and coming fast.

The sun is bright in a sky of blue
Perfect photo for Phil's review.

Keep these moments close to heart
As warming lights for Winter's dark.

Dear Readers ~ 

Some folks are affected by the changing of the seasons. Changes that might bring mental sadness, lack of motivation, or other paralyzing thoughts. If you're affected like this, try to store up some happy moments for those times. Maybe you have a suggestion that would help, please feel free to share (smile).

~ Phil


  1. Poem had a great flow to it.
    Cling to happy thoughts. After all, Christmas is coming!

  2. Happy thoughts sure work, maybe some cheery Christmas tunes

  3. Lovely poem Dixie and yoou summed up the post very well about the changing of season can affest people. Great post to read.

  4. Hi Dixie,

    I've not been around here in a little while. Thus, hopefully my timing is good. That would be good.

    Writing prose
    With thoughtful glows
    Brings out the hare
    Without despair.

    When it's dark and dull, I listen to the rain on the roof and feel a sense of cosiness. When I'm at those moments in my world of fog, a picture, a painting of brilliant colours, brings back the warm embers to my beleaguered soul.

    Smile, Dixie :)


  5. Hi Dixie. I've probably mentioned before that I work in Mental Health . Seasonal Affected Syndrome (SAD) is very real and affects a lot of people. I must be lucky because I am a 'Winter Person'!
    The poem is sweet; sometimes a shorter post can say so much.
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. Light, lots of light. When I lived in Illinois, I began to suffer from that SAD (seasonal affect disorder) and felt the walls were closing in on me during January and February. What I have found is to have lots of light in the house, blinds open for the sun, etc. It's my salvation! Love the poem.

  7. Hi Dixie...
    Love your poem...very cheerful...
    I love all Seasons...but I do miss the sunshine!
    I need to be outdoors...even with a big sweater and handy cowl around my neck!
    Long walks are always nice as well...
    Hope this finds you in good health ♥️
    Linda :o)

  8. Chiming in late, but those changes affect me in unpleasant ways and happy pills aren't enough. I'll take your advice.

  9. I'm one of these people severely affected by the changing seasons... but mostly when we're going into winter. Luckily now I work in the middle east which means that the "winter" is more like everyone elses summer ;)


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