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Thursday, October 1, 2015

I know, I know!!!

I always seem to be late getting in on the excitement of Halloween. Yes, I know, I'm really early. If I don't do something now the days will fly by, and all the spooky photos, poems, and experiences will have been used up. Here we go ~ my (early) Halloween thoughts...

First - the photo poem:

Cat on a cloud
Looking very proud
Staring at the fish
Who has one simple wish ~ to swim faster.

My candy poem:

M&M's are waiting at the store
Must buy three bags ~ hmm, maybe more
Candy corn is always great
Use a bunch to decorate a cake.

My costume poem:

Try to guess who I am ~
Living in a magical land
Tiny wings and pointed ears ~
One that children never fear.

Happy Pre-Halloween! I'm done (smile).


  1. Late? Isn't it like a month before Hallow's Eve? :)

    1. Yes, Dez, but I'm always late posting something for it. (smile)

  2. Isn't it a bummer candy corn isn't readily available all year long?
    Will you be posting Halloween stuff daily this month? I'm posting a list of people who are doing so on Monday.

    1. Love candy corn!!
      No, not posting daily. I bet you'll have quite a few that will.

  3. The fish may not get his wish haha

  4. Ha! You're a RightOn Halloween writer!

  5. Loved your p-ost Dixie. Yes , Halloween is just around the corner.
    Take care.

    1. A friend posted earlier about thinking it was still July. I agreed. How did October get here so fast?

  6. Ah Dixie and ah yes, always a smile to had when you put up your clever prose, you knows :)

    Penny wishes you a very early Happy Howloween!

    Have a nice weekend and stay safe during that nasty storm!


  7. Awesome poems, and so season ready! I'm not ready for Halloween, but then the kids will make sure I am when the time comes. Early celebration means more treats ;)


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