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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


During my post on dancing as exercise, a friend and fellow blogger, Bazza at To Discover Ice mentioned "shagging." In the UK shagging is something different than the US shagging. Do not be alarmed.

Luckily another friend, and fellow blogger, Jo on Food, Life, and a Scent of Chocolate knew the difference!

I love to shag but you  really need a partner to dance. As a kid I would tie a long scarf to my bedroom door knob and dance away! I should give it a go, huh?!

Okay, let's watch this video of the 2014 "Shagging at the Beach" winners! Music by Credence Clearwater Revival...


  1. lol I've heard shagging the UK way, never knew it meant anything else though

  2. Jo would know!
    Rather shag American style though.

  3. Women who can dance while wearing high heels impress me. I can't even walk in a shoe with a heel. Fanny also means something different in the U.K. It's not one's rear end, but it's close.


    1. I was shocked to know that, Janie!

    2. My daughter told me when she went to school in England. John Gray also writes on his blog about cleaning his bulldog's fanny. Now when I watch an old movie and someone is named Fanny I giggle.

    3. I also like the expression "my aunt's fanny."

    4. I have been taken to school now! Thanks, Janie!!


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