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Sunday, February 1, 2015

the child, the Godmother, the cardinal ~

She was a very special friend of my Mom's. I decided to adopt her as my Godmother. Everyone else in my family had one. Why not me? My Mother was shocked at my boldness, but Audrey loved it. She was thrilled to be adopted. I was thrilled when she excepted.

She and my Godfather loved Cardinals. There must have been hundreds of little statues, towels, and all the usual extravagance of an avid collector. Gifts to each other were often something related to 'their' bird. In the year of his death, a tiny pair of earrings for her Valentine's, and a Red bird tie for his. He told her, "Whenever you see a Cardinal, know that I am near."

For eighteen years any time she had a worry, a Cardinal would appear and she'd say, "There's Bob; things will be okay." And indeed, they would be.

The day she passed I felt so alone... like a part of me went missing. I didn't realize the true closeness we'd come to know. Often that's the case. You don't know how much someone means until they're gone. At home from the funeral, I sat out in the gazebo, not focused on anything. Spring birds were all a-flutter... going for my feeders. But on the brick wall close by sat two lovely Cardinals - male and female. I remember thinking... it's Spring... why are they here? A warmth began traveling from my insides to my outsides. I knew why... and in that instant they flew away.

It's now been four years, and today would be her birthday... and often when I'm a bit worried, I see a female Cardinal perched nearby. It never leaves until I smile... and I can never hold back.(smile)

~ a poem for Audrey ~

I was only six years old when you were were twenty-nine.
We soon began a happy voyage with waves that marked our time.
You became the 'godmother,' and I was thrilled to be,
a part of life that gave you joy, like joy you gave to me.

Then off you went to higher plane, while I remained on ground.
When morning birds begin their day I listen to their sound.
Your voice is often calling me, reminding of our love.
That's when I see your cardinal, perched in the tree above.

(Say 'hello' to Bob.)


  1. Such a lovely story, Dixie.
    I actually had the same thing happen with a pair of turtledoves which have followed us everywhere, even when we moved. They appeared when my grandparents died within the same year.

    1. Aw, Dezmond, that's so sweet. I love hearing that! (smile)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, Debra. I spoke with her daughter yesterday - we always have a good time remembering stuff. (smile)

  3. Nice story Dixie. Long may you have cardinal visitors.

    1. Thank you, Jo. That is very kind of you to say. (smile)

  4. That's a very nice poem. Adopting a godmother sounds good to me. I know you miss her. Perhaps she'll come back to you in some fashion, including more cardinals.


    1. Every time I see one, Janie, I think of her. You're very sweet. (smile)

  5. My mom loved Cardinals. They were all around in her view in Ohio. I haven't seen many since I moved away in 1982. Birds of a feather - flock together, is something my mom often said. The real deal birds had no reason to cross the Rockies, nut I have ceramic Cardinals in Oregon. They were mom's and now they are mine.

    1. Terri, the ceramics are quite a treasure. I know they must give you joy!

  6. I love Cardinals....
    I love this story♥️
    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you, Linda. You see what I meant about how lovely your photos were? Thank you!! (smile)


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