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Sunday, February 8, 2015

No dog-gone money, but plenty of sunshine!

Yard sale? ~ what yard sale?

Oh yes, such a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The yard sale was a big snooze but I didn't care. I had a chair picked out, the sun on my shoulders, and, possibly entertained a few people who did stop by. As I was leaving four cars pulled into the god-daughter's driveway. Ha, ha, I'm still outta here! If anything of mine sells ~ we'll square later. (Later!)

Pulled muscle? ~what pulled muscle?

My pulled muscle loves me more today than yesterday. I fed me a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich for lunch. Never mind the cookies; I needed a break from all that dough rolling, anyway. Besides it was so warm, with a gentle breeze, who would want to crank up the oven? (Later!)

Van battery worked? ~You betcha!

I went to the auto shop and had them run a quick diagnostic on the electrical systems. Oh baby, we're cooking properly. No worries about the seven errands I ran ~ it cranked every time! So, the personal superhero I wrote about on Friday, really knows his stuff. He saw my van at the yard sale and stopped in to ask if things were okay. That's service ~with a (smile).

I'm very grateful to everyone holding good thoughts concerning my crazy past week. Hope your weekend, or Sunday was nice. If not, please feel free to leave me a note to put you on my good thought list. And ~ let's play a tune... an old song, you might know...


  1. Hope you are feeling up to scratch now Dixie, these small injuries can sometimes be worse than the big ones. Glad your vehicle was OK. Enjoy the sun, we are getting the white stuff.

    1. Aw, Jo, the sun felt great. I'd almost forgotten what it looked like. It's evening now so the temp will drop again. Supposed to gradually get colder again. I' think I'll park in the carport this week, keep the winds off of it.

      Thank you so much for your support and good wishes.

  2. Warm? hmph to that. Cold here. That muscle feeds you well

    1. Hi Pat...sorry 'bout that.
      temp 49 today...
      I just didn't wanna play.
      Yep, p-nu butter and jelly
      in my belly!

  3. Hope the muscle is even better today!

    1. Hi Dezzy. Thank you for asking. It seems to improve a little each day - feels better with heat on it.

      You know, that robot trailer on "Chappie" is pretty wild. I had to watch it twice - so much action. (smile).


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