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Monday, November 4, 2013

Right now, I am small

Right now, I am small.
Things are simple with a single tiny focus.
Earthly eyes are not yet in my possession.
I am simply loved, by all who see me.

Right now, I am small.
There is no clue about my future.
My crib is a home that I love to be in.
Warm kisses great me all day long.

Dad comes and goes.
Mom always knows ~ my every need.
Grandma with sweet songs.
Grandpa plays ping-pong ~ with my toes.
For right now, I am small.


  1. And with the wonders of a wide-eyed babe, what future holds for the small in the big world.

    Thank you for your thoughtful words, Dixie.

    Gary :)

  2. Thanks Gary. Sometimes it's difficult staying in the present, avoiding the worry of any future. But staying in the present is the best thing for me.

    My best to you, Penny, and Tristan. Thanks for visiting me. :)

  3. We can only be where we are right now, it's where we are meant to be.

    As for the baby: I wish they were all that lucky.

  4. Hi Dixie. That's lovely; I like babies!
    I see you have "come out" with a picture. Good for you.
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  5. You're a great poet, my friend,you should consider publishing. Just a humble advice :).

  6. Thank you Fran :)
    P.S., I'm working on those figurines. LOL

  7. Bazza, babies are so unpredictable.
    Yep, the photo is a couple of years old actually. My hair is back to mousey brown... waiting for a new camera... but I'm no spring chicken!! Bok.

  8. Thanks Petronela! My passion is writing for children. Lots of little stories of mine out there somewhere. :)

  9. Thanks Petronela! My passion is writing for children. Lots of little stories of mine out there somewhere. :)

  10. I'm afraid I agree with Mike --- if only all babies were that lucky.

  11. Hi Cheerful Monk.
    This child really tickles me. I guess you could say he is very lucky.
    Thank you for visiting me.

  12. oh how touching and how lovely it is to be small :)....and careless...

  13. Wish you happiness for 2014. Thinking of you, Mike.

  14. Indeed, where are you, Dixie? Are you okay?


  15. Sweet childhood.
    "Flames to dust.Lovers to friends.Why do all good things come to an end" --Nelly Furtado

  16. To my blogging friends: Forgive my absence... trying times had all of my attention. I am ever so grateful to have you visit. Your comments uplift me... maybe I can post a thought soon.

    Love to you all.


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