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Friday, July 5, 2013

ode to rain

Summer, summer, summer,
and the rain came down.

Trickle, trickle, tickle,
not a dry spot found.

While here I sit in swaddling clothes  ~
the raindrops running down my nose.

Ode, ode, ode  ~
thus my ode to rain.

(Image: "The Graphics Fairy"; Thanks, Fairy!)


  1. Like Andrew (above), I too am enjoying some wonderful weather in the UK. We have been promised another two weeks of it in the south.
    ....I presume it's raining in Charlotte?
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. Ditto, other UK comments. At long last we have some 'real' sunshine and promises of more to come. Rain is great, but we've had much more than our share. I'm Singing In The Sun.

  3. Too much rain~ we all complain.
    Not enough~ and life gets tough!

    Me too, Andrew... I must have some Brit somewhere in my background.

  4. Bazza, you presume correctly. In a way it's nice, having helped me discover the water flow in my gardens. I'm still working on those lovely concrete walls!!

  5. Mike, I hope you get more sun and enjoy it some for me. Haha.

  6. Hey Dixie,

    How did I miss this posting. Yes your posting dated the same day as my lil' ol' birthday. Good heavens and the heavens opened.

    The rain doth fall
    Have a ball
    So hot over here
    Good heavens, my dear :)

    A peaceful, positive weekend to you and dry your nose!

    Gary :)

  7. Hi Gary. Happy belated birthday!!!!

  8. Hey Dixie,

    Thank you on behalf of my alleged human, Gary :)

    A peaceful, pleasant weekend to you, my human friend.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  9. Lovely verses...have you written them? If you you did then you are a great poetess :)...

  10. Hi unikorna... yep it's mine... thank you for the compliment!


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