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Thursday, May 30, 2013

White sky = emptiness?

Words no words,
and yet I feel the need to type

What goes on
within a mind that's so distracted?

Where did I
lay down my peaceful attitude?

It was here
just days ago and disappeared again.

Chemtrails against the sky
are you the reason I've faltered at living?

Taking no pleasure
in anything outside and yet I go there.

Words just words,
but they're all I have for expression.

White sky emptiness
you will not win; even as I write, I've won.


  1. It is common in literature to have the events of a story reflected in the sky or in nature generally as a metaphor. Stormy skies often go with inner turmoil and sunny skies with well-being so I suppose a clear white sky can be seen as a physical emblem of ‘emptiness’.
    I think your words beautifully express your feelings but it makes me sad to read.

  2. Bazza, I thank you for your comment. Overcome your sad thought by realizing: I was actually able to write something. I've been experiencing such a block... afraid to post the negative without "seeing" first a positive. Only when I got to the last line did I realize my accomplishment... that in spite of the "thing" that would prevent me, I found words to really say what I felt. The alternative was to remain silent, but for how much longer?
    Thank you, Bazza.


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