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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soon, after the sunrise

Where does the day lead... after the sun rise? Morning finds me cheering my spirit on: a new day, lots of minutes, new moments to experience, and how many times will I laugh? I don't wish to cry, but it's a possibility, and, 1...2...3...back to the music I love. Soon.

Even rainy days find me walking the land I now own. God help me dress it and keep it, as if my own little garden of life  were always here. Changing leaves of all the trees circle my home like a great salad... and I am the last large tomato of the summer! The glory of Autumn or what I've always known as 'The Fall'  fills my lungs with a crisp air... and the last scent of honeysuckle.  I head towards my studio where musical inspiration accompanies my morning's visual beauties. Such treasures so fresh in my mind and stirring the depths of  awe I feel; only music releases the morning's pickings. After the sun rise... I write. Soon.

I leave you with one of the many musical choices that stirs the writing spirit within me.  Where does the day lead... after the sun rise? I wait to know. Soon.


  1. Hi Dixie,

    Such dreamy, enchanting and inspiring music. Thank you.

    And the rising of the sun creates a new hope, a new opportunity.

    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  2. It's amazing how many features of astronomy (tides, the seasons, the length of a day, sunrises, sunsets etc) have fashioned the way humans feel and act. Artists and writers (you are both!) have the gift of interpreting these things and showing us their real significance.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Lovely music but I wish the ad on the video hadn't have been for an 'Over 50 Funeral Plan'!!

    Where does a day lead? I think that's the exciting bit as we can never really be sure. Love the photos, you live in a beautiful area.

    Enjoy wherever it may lead.

  4. Powerful music. It's funny how we can associate the seasons, like autumn, to the personality of our own selves. We may feel the change of the colors of leaves of Fall. We might feel renewed by Spring.

    It's all amazing, the changes,to watch and gives you a true feeling of tranquility.

    I like the way you have gotten to the real hear of what you're conveying. it is a blessing and talent you have, to be able to do this.

    Take care, Dixie

  5. I love YANNI music. I have one of his CD. It is always relaxing to listen and it goes well with the beautiful scenic pictures in this video.

  6. Thank you, Gary; such a sweet comment. I remember when you told me about setting up a mood to write a blog post. Maybe it was an issue on sports, so you'd put on your favorite ball cap and have a swing at the story!! I wish you well too :)

  7. Ah, Bazza, it takes one to know one. You're quite talented and can't we take another spend around the monopoly board!!?

    Your blog has developed a new interest for me -

    Yes, we are such devoted creatures when it comes to the environment. I feel it is a real loss for those who are not aware of life's beauty.
    Thank you. :)

  8. Mike, I saw that ad, but the next time I watched, I got the viagra ad. So neither ad really applied to me... well... one didn't. :)

    Thank you, I do live in a place of ever-changing beauty. I counted 15 'gypsy baby's breath' plants - scattered within a 50 foot area. Something so delicate but it blooms in Autumn. When they're done I'd like to plant them like a hedge row - closer together.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the music selection! Have a great week, wherever it may lead you. :)

  9. Hi Kelly. My Mom and I saw a concert in 1997; quite amazing and it still is a soulful influence on me. I've had the "Reflections of Passion" cd since that time, and never tire of it.

    A friend once told me that I was empathic to people, places, and things. To me everything has it's own language; if we are willing to listen, we'll what they're saying.

    Kelly, that you for this sweet comment. I learn so much from each of my blogging pals. The joy we each have as we express the important (and frivolous) creates an empathetic circle. As I told Bazza: it takes one to know one... a talented person. Thank you again. :)

  10. Yes, Paul, I love Yanni too. Recently watched some videos where he brought in voices. Outstanding... and the featured solos of various musical instruments... I never get enough!
    Thank you, take care. :)

  11. Yes fall has a similar effect on me, too. You are a very intense, passionate lady :), I can tell.

  12. Hi unikorna. I suppose one could call me a gal for all seasons. Some moments are indescribable; others even more intense... all create joy for me. It is also why I enjoy your blog so much; that magical fairy-like mystery woven into your writings.
    Thank you so much. kisses your way :)


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